Hold the Line: Highland Charge

Hold the Line: Highland Charge

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The Last Highland Charge
Through the winter Cumberland massed an army at Aberdeen, and then marched on Inverness. Charlie chose to meet them head on. After Murray failed to carry out a night attack the British marched on the Jacobite encampment at Culloden Moor. …

Last Chance for the Jacobites
After driving within 50 miles of London and turning back, the Jacobites returned to Scotland. At Falkirk they surprised a force under Henry Hawley. The dragoons charged the highlanders, but they were adept at defeating horsemen, and the dragoons were…

Accidental Cannae
After Fontenoy, Charles Edward Stuart, son of “James III & VIII,” decided the time had come to lead a highland uprising that would restore the Stuarts to the British throne. Against all advice, and without the blessing of Louis XV, …

Rob Roy’s Last Battle
Following the War of the Spanish Succession, Britain and France became allies. As a result, the Jacobites put their hopes on Spain. Phillip V wanted to return the kingdom to its former glory. The resulting War of the Quadruple Alliance …

Confusion on the Moors
The 1715 Jacobite rebellion began auspiciously. The Jacobites managed to secure almost half of Scotland without much fighting. Their army numbered over 10,000, the largest Jacobite force ever raised. James Francis Edward Stuart, who would be James…

Slaughter at Sundown
Scottish loyalty to William III was not absolute. In the highlands James II had many supporters, and in 1689 they rose in rebellion. They were called Jacobites, and they fought for James II mostly because the powerful and unpopular Campbell …
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