Hold the Line: Frederick’s War

Hold the Line: Frederick’s War

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Prussia Resurgent
The defeats at Hochkirk and Kunersdorf had shattered Prussian morale and it appeared only a matter of time before either Russia or Austria dealt the crippling blow. At Liegnitz, Daun and Lacy tried to do just that. They had Ernst …

October Surprise
Following his costly victory over the Russians at Zorndorf, Frederick encamped his army in an exposed position at Hochkirk, where they drew supplies. Against better advice, Frederick remained. In the Austrian camp, Franz von Lacy convinced Daun to…

Frederick’s Great Victory
Following his stunning victory over the French at Rossbach, Frederick had to confront the Austrian invasion of Silesia. Although the Austrians had taken Breslau, they were currently led by the hapless Charles, who Frederick had defeated in three…

Frederick’s First Defeat
The Seven Years’ War saw a vastly improved Austrian army confronting the still vaunted Prussian military machine. Following his costly victory at Prague, Frederick was forced to meet an Austrian relief column under Leopold von Daun. Despite the…

Victory Against All Odds
Charles, in a move of surprising boldness, marched on Frederick’s camp in Bohemia. He occupied the hills that Frederick, in a lapse of judgment, had failed to fortify. Frederick was undeterred. He formed his forces in columns and lunged at …

Frederick’s First Great Victory
Frederick II reentered the war at the behest of Louis XV of France. As was his style, he launched an offensive in 1744, but he was outmaneuvered by the skilled Otto von Traun. However, it was Charles who was selected …

Frederick’s First Victory
Prince Charles of Lorraine, an influential Hapsburg, was sent by Maria to retake Prague. After failing to destroy Frederick’s scattered army in detail, Charles confronted the Prussians near Chotusitz. Although Frederick’s army was not fully deployed,…

Schwerin’s Big Moment
The young Frederick II touched off the War of the Austrian Succession on December 16, 1740 with his invasion of Silesia. However, Maria Theresa was determined to regain her lost province. She released Wilhelm von Neipperg from prison and gave …
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