Combat! Critical Hit

Combat! Normandy was created to take you back in time to a place where heroes fought, and fell for freedom. In the most intimate detail. Inside you will find three map-sheets ,  you will also find your orders in the form of a sét of historical recreations of the actual firefrights that made up the larger battle fought by the men of the "All American" Division. Game pieces are provided representing individual soldiers, squads, machine-gun teams, Jeeps, Panzers and the variety of men and machines that were found on the battlefield. 

Combat! is easy experience using the materials provided in this box, and you can go it alone or face off against one or more opponents in a game of skill and chance that will keep you coming back for more. It's a series that will take the student of military history to the battlefields of the 20th Century, providing a unique perspective: that of the men on the ground, the front line soldiers that did the fighting and dying for a cause they believed in.

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Games and Expansions:

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Combat! Normandy

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