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Omaha Lifeline
After reaching St-Pierre-du-Moni before noon, the relief column planned to push along the coastal highway to the junction of the exit road from Pointe du Hoc. Company A of the 2nd Rangers, fonning the column’s point, got to a hamlet …

Rudder's Line
As night approached, there was still no word from Omaha Beach. Colonel Rudder faced a difficult command decision with regard to the disposition of his limited forces. Of his original 200 men, over a third were casualties, though many of …

1600 Hours - Stein’s Flank
The next German effort came shortly after 1600 and was much more dangerous. It hit the right end of Company F’s thin line. Two BAR’S as well as the mortar section were on this wing, but only afew riflemen, and …

Wintz's Flank
The flrsi German attack came over the fields that stretched toward St-Pierre-du-Mont, where Lieutenant Wintz’s Rangers spotted riflemen coming through the craters, with at least one machine-gun section, When the enemy reached the hedgerow field one…

Advance To The D514
After the first objective, a small group of ruined farm buildings, had fallen, the Rangers pushed on without pause despite enemy artillery falling nearby. Ahead, the ground was open, and the trench used thus far came to an end at …

First Objective
Rangers from Companies E and D (less elements detained on the Point) began to come together on an axis along the north-south exit road from the Point to the highway. The bulk of the group that started down the exit …
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