Commands & Colors: Ancients

Commands & Colors: Ancients is a historical board wargame designed by Richard Borg and published by GMT Games. It is part of the Commands & Colors series, Commands & Colors: Ancients specifically focuses on tactical battles between ancient armies, covering various conflicts from the ancient world, including battles involving the Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, and other civilizations.

Key features of Commands & Colors: Ancients include:

  1. Command and Colors System: Similar to other games in the series, Commands & Colors: Ancients utilizes a card-driven system. Players use command cards to dictate the actions of their units on the battlefield. Each card allows players to activate specific units or formations, move them, and engage in combat.

  2. Historical Scenarios: The game includes a variety of historical scenarios based on real-life battles from ancient history. These scenarios typically come with historical context, setup instructions, victory conditions, and sometimes special rules reflecting the specific circumstances of the battle.

  3. Hexagonal Grid Map: The game is played on a hexagonal grid map representing the battlefield terrain, which can include elements such as hills, forests, rivers, and villages. Terrain features affect movement, line of sight, and combat outcomes.

  4. Unit Variety: Commands & Colors: Ancients features a wide range of units representing the armies of the ancient world, including infantry, cavalry, chariots, elephants, and various types of missile troops. Each unit type has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

  5. Engaging Gameplay: The game offers fast-paced and engaging gameplay, with players making tactical decisions about positioning, maneuvering, and combat. Victory often requires a combination of strategic planning, resource management, and adaptability to changing battlefield conditions.

Overall, Commands & Colors: Ancients is praised for its accessibility, historical flavor, and strategic depth. It appeals to both wargaming enthusiasts and casual gamers interested in ancient history and tactical combat. Additionally, expansions and additional scenarios are available to further expand the game's replayability and content.

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Games and Expansions:

C&C: Ancients Expansions #2 and #3 – Rome vs the Barbarians; The Roman Civil Wars (2014)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #6 – The Spartan Army (2011)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #5 – Epic Ancients II (2009)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #4 – Imperial Rome (2009)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #3 – The Roman Civil Wars (2007)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #2 – Rome vs the Barbarians (2007)
C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #1 – Greece & Eastern Kingdoms (2006)
C&C: Ancients (2006)

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