Squad Leader

Squad Leader
Squad Leader is a game of tactical squad level combat in the European Theater during World War II.

Games and Expansions:
G.I. Anvil of Victory (1982)
Crescendo of Doom (1979)
Cross of Iron: A Squad Leader Gamette (1978)
Squad Leader (1977)

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Cooperative Venture
In an attempt to speed the Allied advance General Simpson's U.S. Ninth Army HQ appealed to the British Second Army commander, General Dempsey, for armored reinforcement of XVIII Airborne Corps. General Depsey was able to assign the crack Sixth Guards…

Night Assault
After dispersing an attack by the Wehrmacht 116th Panzer Division, the American infantrymen of 120th Regiment were able to advance to positions near Kirchhellen Airfield. The Gls watched helplessly as the airfield's powerful flak guns, mounted high…

The Breaking Wave
The German efforts to press their Wacht am Rhein offensive were falling behind schedule. After rapid deliberation German General Staff decided that the best way to speed the assault was to increase the maneuver area for the attacking elements. They …

Scratch Force
The Germans had counter-attacked in the night. Lacking aerial reconnaissance the Wehrmacht troops had, by chance, driven straight into the U.S. 90th Division Command Post, cutting off the advanced units of the division. In the hours that followed Gls…

The Attempt to Exploit
Combat Command of the U.S. 3rd Armored Division, in support of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, attempted an envelopment of the German forces in Marigny. Initially slowed by bomb craters and defended hedgerows the American armored forces tried to…

Hill 112
As part of the bitter Normandy battles following D-Day, the British 11th Armored and 15th Divisions spearheaded the 'Epsom' offensive, designed to tie down the German Panze r Divisions to the East of the beachhead and prize the defenders out …

Cassino Station
The Allies, desperate to relieve the pressure on their beachhead at Anzio, launched Operation Avenger, the second major attempt to break the German position at Cassino. The essential task of capturing the railway station just south of the town was …

Patton's End Run
Patton was determined to beat "Monty" to Messina. The American advance along the north coast was being held up by the German 71st Panzergrenadier Regiment. To eliminate this unit, and possibly initiate a breakthrough, Patton planned to trap the…

Assault at Wadelincourt
The northernmost of the three crossing attempts of the Meuse took place late in the day as advance elements of the German 2nd Panzer Division approached the river in the face of fierce crossfire from the western bank. As a …

The Bridge at Kanev
The Soviet offensive had reached the Dnieper north of Kanev. Wishmg to capture the badge m the town the Russians sent a force southwards along the East edge of the river. In their way stood a small German rearguard set …

During the initial stages of the Battle of Kursk some of the Wehrmacht's finest units were committed in order to break through the heavily fortified Russian positions. At Cherkasskoye, the finest of them all, Grossdeutschland, was given the task of …

The Backwater of War
During the Soviet spring offensive in the far northern reaches obfuscate 8th Ski Brigade and a regiment from the 186th Rifle Division were sent on a wide sweep to the west and south to cut the road behind the town …

The Bruneval Raid
At Bruneval, north of Le Havre, the Germans had installed an example of the Wurzburg radar system for air defense. British paratroops were briefed to drop into France, steal as much of the equipment as possible and bring it back …

Raid on Vaagso
In the first Allied raid of the war against a defended port, some 600 officers and men of the British 2nd and 3rd Commando attacked Maaloy Island and Vaagso, near Bergen, with the aim of destroying factory and port installations. …

The Far Bank
Fifteen days after the beginning of "Operation Barbarossa" the Fourth Panzer Army moved along the southern bank of the upper Divin~ River as it positioned itself for an enveloping attack on Vitebsk. The L VII Panzer Corps being the army's …

Le Peradis
The Germans were pushing north of the La Bussee canal against the southern defensive positions of the B.E.F. North of Betune the British were holding the village of Le paradis as the enemy launched another assault.

The Final Attempt
During the latter stages of the Allies retreat to the coast and Dunkirk the British and French tried several times to pierce the infantry held flanks of the "Panzer Corridor" Across France . One such attack took place at Cambrai …

To Lose A Battle
As Rommel and his 7th Panzer Division crossed the French frontier headed into what he expected was the "Maginot Line", he found instead a shallow belt of anti-tank obstacles and pillboxes manned by remnants of the French XI Corps. By …

A Bridge Too Near
Following their landing at Namsos, the British 146th Brigade had been pushing tentatively towards German-held Trondheim while awaiting reinforcements. So far, opposition had been encountered only from the air, but when their most advanced elements…

A Day At The Races
The final Nazi holdout was thought to be centered in the Alps of Southern Germany. Allied fears that the Nazis might fall back to some form of National Redoubt sen t U.S. columns speeding towards Austria. These armored fingers lost …

Soldiers of Destruction
The men of the SS Totenkopf Division had stalled the advance of the Fifth Guards Tank Army in late September. Then, silence. No fighting had occurred for the past three weeks. It seemed like a dream. Time to sleep; time …

Land Leviathans
Under pressure from Stalin to hold Smolensk, Yeremenko was desperate to halt the German offensive. On I July, he committed his sole armored reserve: the 1st Moscow Motorized Rifle Division under Major General LG. Kreyzer. It was a crack unit, …

Pavlov's House
At the end of September, units of Rodimtsev's 13th Guards were ordered to seize buildings on Lenin Square and form strongpoints. A damaged apartment building was attacked and occupied by Sgt. Jacob Pavlov and his men, who formed a defensive …

First Crisis at Army Group North
When Army Group North moved toward the Daugava River, the Russian command responded by detailing the Ill Armored Corps to meet and destroy Manstein's units. On June 24th, the Soviet armored force made contact with the 6th Panzer Division, the …

Death's Head At Lusho
As Army Group North continued to press at the gates of Leningrad, to protect its right flank the German 16th Army and SS Totenkopf Division had been compelled to entrench west of the Pola River. Following fierce engagements in the …

Death's Head At Lusho
As Army Group North continued to press at the gates of Leningrad, to protect its right flank the German 16th Army and SS Totenkopf Division had been compelled to entrench west of the Pola River. Following fierce engagements in the …

Night Drop
Scattered in farms and villages along thirty miles of coast, the German 709th Infantry Division had been awaiting the invasion for a year. It had been formed eighteen months before around a core of German veterans from the Russian front …

Infatuate II
The last German stronghold on the Scheidt Estuary was the island of Walcheren. Linked by a narrow causeway to South Beveland, its batteries were still a threat to Allied transports. Agile minesweepers were already plying their trade in the estuary, …

Vitality I
The south shore of the Scheidt was nearly cleared. Unfortunately, guns on the north bank, though much less commanding, could still threaten the Allied shipping lanes to the port of Antwerp. The eastern portion of the north shore was a …

Clearing the Breskens Pocket
Players should read scenarios R218 & R219 for units involved and historical background.

Scheldt Fortress South
Backed against the Scheidt Estuary, the weakened German 64th Infantry Division faced the entire Canadian First Army. It was the guns of the 64th which barred shipping from Antwerp. Every day that the 64th held out meant another day of …

Operation Switchback
Antwerp had fallen unharmed into Allied hands. All that prevented Allied use of one of Europe's largest ports were the German flak and artillery that lined the narrow waterway linking the North Sea to Antwerp; the narrow Scheidt Estuary. Axis …

The Whirlwind
As the German defenses crumbled in front of the U.S. 3rd Army, the fighting became fluid . On the night of April 17th elements of a recce troop of the American 26th Division occupied a village on the outskirts of …

A Small Town In Germany
The occupation of the Groningen bulge made it possible for the British Second Army to drive into northern Germany. The Allied advance did not go smoothly. Small "stay-behind" forces resisted bitterly. One example occurred when the Canadian 4th…

Hasty Pudding
Throughout May 27th, the Allies stubbornly held off the advancing Germans as they simultaneously prepared for a general withdrawal to a defense perimeter around Dunkirk. In an attempt to buy time, a raid was ordered behind the German lines. Elements…

The Front In Flames
As Kharkov fell for the final time, front lines became unclear. Observation posts and defensive lines were held briefly, then abandoned as the Soviets advanced. The front began to stabilize around the Mosh river as units of the Soviet 57th …

Traverse Right...FIRE!
The elite German 18th Panzer Regiment, fresh from amphibious training, was among the lead elements of Army Group Center as they pressed deep into Russia on the day after 'Barbarossa' . The Soviets, still confused as to the extent of …

On The Road To Andalsnes
With the Allied landings at Namsos and Andalsnes the strategic and political importance of Trondheim was brought into sharp focus. Quickly implementing alternative planning, Von Falkenhorst ordered the German 196th Infantry Division to clear several…

Auld Lang Syne
In the Ardennes sector the U.S. 87th division was given the assignment of taking Gerimont as the VIII Corps continued its advance to the east. The opening of the assault went well as the lead companies drove the Germans from …

The New Zealanders had spent most of 20th May pinned down by endless sweeps of German fighter aircraft. Communications were a shambles, casualties were heavy, and local counterattacks simply failed. Colonel Andrew of the 5th New Zealand Brigade opted…

Aachen's Pall
The American hand had closed about Aachen. The city fell slowly. Street by street, then house by house the Gls squeezed out the Germans. Finally the Wehrmacht headquarters in the Hotel Quillenhof was in sight. The massive hotel structure proved …

Strayer's Strays
By dawn, Lt. Colonel R.L. Strayer had pieced together a unit composed of men of the 502nd, 506th and 508th Parachute Regiments. Front lines and flanks were meaningless. The officers and men didn't know one another. Radio contact with HQ …

Faugh A'Ballagh!
The approach to Monte Cassino was agonizingly slow. The commanding heights gave the Germans superb observation and fire positions. In the valleys, small rearguard groups ensured that each hamlet had its bloodprice. For the Allies, the very narrowness…

The Dead of Winter
The German Army was frozen in place. Bitter cold and deep snow made the thinly clad Wehrmacht dig in and fight first for warmth, then the Russians. The Siberians were well equipped for war in the snow but the Russian …

The Long Road
The King's African Rifles with detachments of A Squadron, 1st Armoured Car had worked their way from the port of Majunga halfway to the capital city Tananarive, The Vichy defenders were handicapped both by the limited means at their disposal …

Fast Heinz
Another day of pouring rain. The mud clung like black tar to the men's boots. The 292nd Infantry Division slowed in its push to close the bag on the Russian Fourth Army. Each overrun town required its own garrison. Each …

Semper Paratus
Lieutenant C.P .J. Des Groseillers urged his straining men to push again. D Company had found a German 75mm antitank gun in the ruins of Oorderen. The breech had been hidden and the weapon had been left in the town …

Hunters from the Sky
"Operation Varsity," the airborne phase of the Allies' Northern Rhine crossing, was to be the last airborne assault of the war. Artillery units and fighter-bombers pounded the German gun positions in the vicinity of the drop zones lifting just prior…

The Attempt to Relieve Peiper
The key to the German Ardennes Offensive Jay with a quick breakthrough and deep penetration. In the north the success of a breakthrough rested heavily with Colonel Peiper's Kampfgruppe from the 1st SS Division. But the quick victories which had …

Devil's Hill
Although the airborne portion of the "Market-Garden" Operation centered around the seizing of vital bridges, heavy fighting occurred over control of the highway section leading to the bridges as well. While parts of the 82nd Airborne fought to gain…
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