Squad Leader: Cross of Iron

Squad Leader: Cross of Iron
This is CROSS OF IRON, a gripping game of tactical combat on the Russian Front. Following in the footsteps of its amazingly successful predecessor, CROSS OF IRON comes replete with an entirely restructured armor and artillery system, which does for armor combat what its predecessor, SQUAD LEADER, did for infantry actions.

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The Agony of Doom
With the Third Reich in its death throes, the Russian juggernaut began to pickup speed. The German defense line on the Oder had been broken. One town after another fell to the Russian armies as they advanced on Berlin, but …

Counterattack On The vistula
As the Russian 8th Guards Army was expanding its bridgehead on the vistula, they met with stiff German Resistance. Using the Hermann Goering Division, which had just been brought up from Warsaw as a lead, the Germans mounted a number …

Block Busting in Bokruisk
During the destruction of Army Group Center many of Hitler's "Fortified Localities" were cut off and surrounded by the Russian advance. These moves were an almost perfect copy of the German blitzkrieg. Bokruisk was just such a city. The city …

Disaster On The Dneiper Loop
During late summer of '43 the Russians made an all out effort to force the Dnieper River at Bukrin. Together with ground forces which were to cross the Dnieper River at Balyka, Rzhishchex and near Kanev, a large scale parachute …

Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay
In an effort to cut off the seventh Army's retreat to the laman Peninsula, Stalin developed a plan to use the combined efforts of a land and seaborne operation. The Black Sea Fleet would land a force composed of army …

Night Battle at Noromatyevka
In an effort to threaten Rostov from the northwest, the Russian XXV Tanks Corps launched its '42-'43 winter offensive on Army Group Don in an attempt to strike at the rear of Army Detachment "Hollidt." Misled by the slight Resistance …

The Penetration of Rostov
With the German summer offensive of'42, " Operation Blue", Hitler hoped to force a decision on the southern front. In an attempt to form a large scale encirclement on the lower Don, the City of Rostov became the natural center …

Bald Hill
During the first weeks of September the final attack on Leningrad, the great objective of the northern campaign was begun. The main German thrust against the center of the Leningrad defenses was in the area known as the Duderhof Hills. …

Slamming of the Door
In order to improve the flow of supplies to the German troops driving on Leningrad, the need for the great Leningrad Highway became apparent. A key position on the highway was the strongpoint prepared at Luga. To take the Luga …

Blocking Action at Lipki
During the opening stages of Barbarossa the first great pincer movement on the Central Front occurred between the cities of Bialystok and Minsk. As a result of the encirclement of four Soviet Armies in the Bialystok-Minsk Pocket, the Soviet Command …

Breakout From Borisov
After tenacious fighting, the 52nd Panzer Grenadier Regiment drove the Russians from Borisov, and established a bridgehead across the Berezina. The Russians, under direct orders from General Yeremenko, were to crush the bridgehead. The only available…

A Winter Melee
Following the Russian winter counteroffensive, the Germans were forced to fall back to isolated pockets in an attempt to survive both the Russians and the weather. In the resulting gaps, the Russians found useful employment for their cavalry in…

The Defense of Luga
As the panzers drove deeper into Russia, intent on even greater encirclements, many potentially dangerous Russian armored groups were bypassed. The German infantry, being primarily foot or horse bound, was forced to keep up as best they could to…

Debacle at Korosten
As the front spread with each German success, vast gaps were left in the main line. These gaps proved to be perfect avenues of approach for the far-ranging Russian cavalry. One such daring group, the I st Regiment, 2nd Cavalry …

Sowchos 79
Following the encirclement of Sixth Army at Stalingrad, the Germans launched a relief effort from their bridgehead at Nizhna Chirskaya, 25 miles from the nearest troops of Sixth Army at Marinowka. The Chir River was to provide the left flank …

Hube's Pocket
The March Russian offensive to drive the Germans back to the Carpathian Mountains had been successful. Partially due to Hitler's "stand fast" order, many large German formations were encircled. Among them was the entire FIRST PANZER ARMY of General…

The Paw of the Tiger
Throughout the winter of '42-43, the Soviets launched repeated attacks to relieve the siege of Leningrad. The hard-pressed Germans rebuffed one attack after another, but in so doing, their lines became progressively thinner. Finally, the Germans had…

The Capture of Balta
The 11th Army, advancing on the right side of Army Group South, skirted the Rumanian border with the Black Sea port of Odessa as its primary objective. The small town of Balta, located 120 miles northwest of Odessa, had changed …
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