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The Road to Wiltz
The German assault had surprised the Americans both in its size and intensity. Desperately, the Americans formed scratch defenses to buy time so the key road junction of Bastogne could be held. The Germans had to be delayed or stopped …

The St. Goar Assault
Germany's army was beaten. The Rhine had been crossed at Remagen and elsewhere. As more and more of the Allies closed in on the Rhine, there was a growing tendency to simply take it "o n the run" rather than …

Hitdorf on the Rhine
As the Third Reich collapsed, many American leaders became bold to the point of recklessness. Often, a daring stroke by a small group of soldiers yielded a vast gaggle of demoralized German prisoners. But sometimes the Americans pushed their luck …

The Cannes Strongpoint
Generally the American advance through Southern France was so swift that it was rare when the Germans stayed and fought. However, the swiftness of the advance often caused German elements to be cut off and faced with the decision either …

The Bitche Salient
Elements of the U.S. l 75th Infantry Regiment have been ordered to continue closing the ring around German forces trapped near Bitche. However, due to poor radio security, the Germans are quite aware of this latest development and have planned …

Buchholz Station
The original German opening for the Battle of the Bulge was somewhat subdued. German infantry, with little armor was to seize key road junctions early so the armored formations could quickly pass through and exploit a breakthrough. One such key …

Escape From Velikiye Luki
During the fatal winter of 1943, the German disaster was not confined to Stalingrad alone. All along the line, Russians were cutting off pockets of Germans. At Velikiye Luki, the entire 277th Infantry Regiment was in dire straits. Surrounded and …

Hill 621
In late June, 1944, the Soviets began what eventually would be known as the "Destruction of Army Group Center." The key to this offensive was the city of Minsk. Should it be captured, numerous German units would be hopelessly cut …

The Hedgehog of Piepsk
Despite a heavy beating, the Soviet army was still holding the field, and in some areas, giving better than they got. However, the German ranks were thinning out as their manpower resources were called upon time and again to fight …

The Streets of Stalingrad
This scenario joins Scenario I and 2 together as one combined game. In addition to the normal two player game, this scenario makes for a good team game for four players.

The Tractor Works
While pushing into the industrial area of the city, advancing elements of the 389th Infantry have isolated a contingent of the 308th Rifle Division in the key Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works. The Germans have decided to crush this island of Resistance …

The Guards Counterattack
After an extremely successful summer the Germans came upon the Volga fortress of Stalingrad. Here the Russians had dug in and were determined to make a stand. Sensing total victory, the Germans threw more and more troops into the fighting. …
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