Tide of Iron Rules TOC

Table of Contents


1. Round Track
2. Command Pile
3. North Directional Marker
4. Strategy Card Decks
5. Available Strategy Cards
6. Activated Strategy Cards
7. Initiative Card
8. Available Command
9. Initiative Token
10. Activation, Condition,Damage, and Other Tokens

Object of the game
1. Choose a Scenario and Nation
2. Create the Game Board
3. Claim Game Cards
4. Place Round Marker and Game Tokens
5. Build Squads
6. Place Starting Units on the Game Board
7. Place Initial Opportunity Fire Tokens
1. Action Phase
    1. Advance
    2. Concentrated Fire
    3. Prepare Op Fire
    4. Fire and Movement
    5. Activate Strategy Card
    6. Assault
    7. Fatigue Unit
    8. Special Action
2. Command Phase
    1. Determine Control over Objectives
    2. Receive Command and Victory Points
    3. Spend Command
    4. Determine Initiative
3. Status Phase
    1. Draw Strategy Cards
    2. Remove Tokens
    3. Place Units in Op Fire Mode
    4. Squad Transfers
    5. Scenario Reinforcements and Events
    6. Advance the Round Marker
Rules of Engagement
Player Reference Sheets
Half Hexes
Moving and Opportunity Fire
Immobile Units
Transporting Squads in Vehicles
Entering and Exiting Transport Vehicles
Targeting Infantry or Vehicles
Eligible Attacking Units
Attacking with Mixed Squads
Determining Range
Effects of Range
Elevation and Range
Line of Sight
Determining Line of Sight between Units on the Same Level of Elevation
Firing along Hex Edges
Determining Line of Sight between Units on Different Levels of Elevation
Blocking Higher Elevation
LOS Exceptions
Adjacent Units
Firing across a Plateau
Resolving an Attack
Normal Attacks and Suppressive Attacks
Normal Attacks against Squads
Normal Attacks against Vehicles
When an Undamaged Vehicle Is Hit
When a Lightly Damaged Vehicle Is Hit
When a Heavily Damaged Vehicle Is Hit
Suppressive Attacks against a Squad
When a Squad in Normal Condition is Hit by Suppressive Fire
When a Pinned Squad is Hit by Suppressive Fire
When a Disrupted Squad is Hit by Suppressive Fire
Vehicle Damage
Squad Conditions
Combined Fire
Multiple Ranges in Combined Fire Attacks
Dice Shortages
Opportunity Fire
Area Attacks
Assault Attacks
Overview of an Assault Attack
Resolving an Assault Attack
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Optional Rule)
Concealed Squads
Timing Conflicts
Movement and Order of Events
Calculating Modifiers
Three- and Four-player Games
Turn Order
Decision-Making and Sharing Resources
Strategy Cards
Squad Transfers
Three-Player Game
Expansion symbol

Rules TOC