Napoleon's War

The game, Napoleon’s War, allows gamers to recreate battles during the wars of Napoleon from 1796 to 1815. Combat units made up of plastic soldiers represent the infantry, cavalry, and artillery of the various armies from the period. They are maneuvered and have combat on game boards depicting terrain that captures the key elements of various battles.


Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

Napoleon's War II: The Gates of Moscow (2011)
Battle Pack II America's War (2010)
Battle Pack I (2010)

Napoleon's War: The 100 Days (2010)


Napoleon's War: The 100 Days

The first game in the series is Napoleon's War: The 100 Days with custom game boards of Quatre Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo. 120 plastic pieces in…

Napoleon's War: Battle Pack I

Battle Pack I: Includes the Battle of Alexandria March 21, 1801 on a desert map. Jena October 14, 1806. Auerstadt October 14, 1806 and Busaco 1810.…

Napoleon's War: Battle Pack II America's War

Battle Pack II Americas War: Includes four battles from the American War of 1812: Queenston Heights, Chippawa, Bladensburg and New Orleans. Each…

Napoleon's War: The Gates of Moscow

Gates of Moscow: The game uses the Hold the Line command action point (CAP) system. Also added is a new optional chit pull system that is ideal for…

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