Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) is a highly detailed and complex tactical wargame that simulates squad-level combat during World War II. It is a development of the original Squad Leader game designed by John Hill and published by Avalon Hill in 1977. ASL was developed by Don Greenwood and first published by Avalon Hill in 1985. It has since been published by Multi-Man Publishing (MMP), who acquired the rights to the game.

ASL is known for its comprehensive ruleset, which covers a wide range of infantry, armor, artillery, and support weapons, as well as detailed terrain and weather effects. The game uses geomorphic mapboards and counters representing individual soldiers, vehicles, and weapons. Players command small units or squads of soldiers from various nationalities, including the United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, and other Allied and Axis powers.

The gameplay of ASL is highly tactical and emphasizes realistic combat mechanics, including line of sight, cover, suppression, morale, and various combat modifiers. Scenarios vary in size and complexity, ranging from small skirmishes to large-scale engagements. Players must carefully plan their tactics, coordinate their units, and adapt to changing battlefield conditions to achieve victory.

Due to its complexity and depth, ASL has a steep learning curve and requires dedication and time to master. However, it has a dedicated community of players worldwide who appreciate its historical accuracy, depth of gameplay, and the endless variety of scenarios and situations it offers. ASL also has an extensive library of expansions, modules, and additional materials that further expand and enhance the gaming experience.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

0. ASL Rulebook (1985)
0a. ASL Rulebook 2nd Edition (2001) 
1. Beyond Valor (1985)
2. Paratrooper (1986)
3. Yanks (1987)
3a. Yanks (2016 reprint)
4. Partisan! (1987)
5. West of Alamein (1988)
5a. For King and Country (2004)
6. The Last Hurrah (1988)
7. Hollow Legions (1989)
8. Code of Bushido (1990)
9. Gung Ho! (1991)
10. Croix de Guerre (1992)
10a. Croix de Guerre (2020)
11. Doomed Battalions (1998)
12. Armies of Oblivion (2006)
13. Rising Sun (2013)
14. Hakkaa Päälle (2015)
15. Forgotten War (2017)
16. Solitaire ASL (1995)

Action Packs
1-Action Pack 1 (AH, 1997)
2-Action Pack 2 (MMP, 1999)
3-Action Pack 3: Few Returned (MMP, 2007)
4-Action Pack 4: Normandy (MMP, 2008)
5-Action Pack 5: Eastern Front (MMP, 2009)
6-Action Pack 6: A Decade of War (MMP, 2010)
7-Action Pack 7 (MMP, 2011)
8-Action Pack 8: Roads Through Rome (MMP, 2011)
9-Action Pack 9: To the Bridge! (MMP, 2014)
10-Action Pack 10 (MMP, 2014)
11-Action Pack 11: 29 Let's Go! (MMP, 2015)
12-Action Pack 12: ASLOK XXX(MMP,2015)
13-Action Pack 13: Oktoberfest XXXII (2017)
14-Action Pack 14: Oktoberfest XXXIV (2019)
15-Action Pack 15: Swedish Volunteers (2020)
16-Action Pack 16: From the Land Down Under (2021)
17-Action Pack 17: Oktoberfest XXXV (2021)

Deluxe ASL
1. Streets of Fire (1985)
2. Hedgerow Hell (1987)
3. Deluxe ASL (2020)

HASL Modules
1. Red Barricades (1989)
2. Kampfgruppe Peiper I (1993)
3. Kampfgruppe Peiper II (1995)
4. Pegasus Bridge (1996)
5. A Bridge Too Far (1999)
6. Blood Reef: Tarawa (1999)
7. Operation Watchtower (2001)
8. Operation Veritable (2002)
9. Valor of the Guards (2008)
10. Festung Budapest (2012)
11. Hatten in Flames (2018)
12. Red Factories (2019)
13. Red October (2019)
14. Hell's Corner - Battles along the Matanikau River (2021)
15. Sword and Fire: Manila (2022)
16. Drop Zone: Sainte-Mère-Église (2023)

Scenario Packs
A GI's Dozen
Best of Friends
Best of Friends 2
Out of the Attic: Issue #1
Out of the Attic: Issue #2
Out of the Bunker
Rivers to the Reich
Provence Pack
Turning The Tide
ASL Roma 2020

Winter Offensive Packs
Winter Offensive 2010
Winter Offensive 2011
Winter Offensive 2012
Winter Offensive 2013
Winter Offensive 2014
Winter Offensive 2015
Winter Offensive 2016
Winter Offensive 2017
Winter Offensive 2018
Winter Offensive 2019
Winter Offensive 2020
Winter Offensive 2021
Winter Offensive 2022

ASL Classic
ASL Annual '89
ASL Annual '90
ASL Annual '91
ASL Annual '92
ASL Annual '93a
ASL Annual '93b
ASL Annual '95
ASL Annual '96
ASL Annual '97
ASL: Journal – Issue One
ASL: Journal – Issue Two
ASL: Journal – Issue Three
ASL: Journal – Issue Four
ASL: Journal – Issue Five
ASL: Journal – Issue Six
ASL: Journal – Issue Seven
ASL: Journal – Issue Eight
ASL: Journal – Issue Nine
ASL: Journal – Issue Ten
ASL: Journal – Issue Eleven
ASL: Journal – Issue Twelve
ASL: Journal – Issue Thirteen

Also, scenarios included in issues of the General, Special Ops, Operations Special, and Operation magazines.

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