Grossdeutschland Division's Battle for Kharkov

Grossdeutschland Division's Battle for Kharkov

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General Koniev's 2nd Ukrainian Front launched a major offen sive in December of 1943. with the aim to break through the German lines in the Kirovograd area. Multiple attacks were launched and Soviet troops were pouring through. The Panzergrenadier…

A Change Of Orders
The Soviets 2nd Ukrainian Front launched a major offensive in late December of 1943 in southern Russia. The attacks began in earnest on 5 January 1944 with the goal of breaking through the German lines in the Kirovograd area. These …

Who's Who?
In late 1943 the Grossdeutschland Division was heavily engaged in multiple defensive battles east of Krivoi-Rog. It was here the division earned the nickname "The Fire Brigade." One such encounter occurred when the German 9th Panzer Division was…

Can We Hold?
Manstein's counterattack had gone well, with the Germans pushing north and attacking on a wide front. They had retaken the city of Kharkov with Grossdeutschland Division to the northwest intercepting retreating Soviet units. GD had pushed the Soviet…

In early March the momentum in the area around the city of Kharkov was turning towards the Germans. Manstein's counterattack was pushing the Soviets back and gaining ground on all sides. Gaps were developing between the Soviet 40th and 69th …

As part of the Third Battle of Kharkov the Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division drove north from southwest of Kharkov. Manstein’s attack had taken the Soviets by surprise as they neared the limits of their army's strength by early March. During…

Kharkov had just fallen to rhe Soviets and a realignment of the German defensive line was formed to its south. The Grossdeutschland Division's Fusilier Regiment was given the assignment of defending a section of road leading to the west out …

Cut Off
Operation "Star” was underway for the Soviet armies. The 40th Army was to advance to secure Belgorod and then envelope Kharkov from the northwest and west in an effort to try to link up with the 3rd Tank Army. Its …

Just In Time
The Soviet Voronezh Front had three armies poised to attack towards Kharkov in early February as part of Operation Star. Their forces had taken the city of Belgorod as this progressed and they were continuing to push southward to achieve …

Welcome To Kharkov
Reports from the Soviet Voronezh Front were that they had broken through the Hungarian army's positions and were advancing into the Novy Oskol area northwest of Kharkov. The Oskol river was being breached and preparations were in progress for further…
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