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Scenario#: HotM08     Date: 1942-12-31     Location: Stalingrad, Russia

Operation Uranus had been a success for Soviet command. They had effectively encircled the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. The Germans formed a defensive perimeter (nicknamed, The Cauldron) and dug in, still hoping they would soon be relieved. The…

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Scenario#: NBO01     Date: 1944-12-19     Location: Noville, Belgium

His forces bolstered by the hardy Paras of the 1st Battalion, 506th PIR, Maj. Desobry felt confident. He immediately ordered a counterattack to take the high ground around Noville. The German Volksgrenadiers and Panzers had other ideas, however. - …

Lock 'n Load TacticalNoville - Bastogne's Outpost

Scenario#: HotN01     Date: 05/08/1969     Location: A Shau Valley, South Vietnam

U.S. Army units moved into the A Shau Valley In the opening moves of what would culminate in Hamburger Hill. Here two platoons advance on a small village suspected of harboring a Viet Cong contingent. The VC knew the Americans …

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Scenario#: BttR06     Date: 1944-10-18     Location: Aachen, Germany

The ancient, picturesque city of Aachen had been incorporated into the German defensive positions of the Siegfried Lines. It held little military value; it was, however, an important symbol as it was the fi rst German city threatened by an enemy…

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Scenario#: HFO02     Date: 1943-05-19     Location: Attu Island, Usa

Lock 'n Load TacticalHell Frozen Over

Scenario#: HiD28     Date: 1940-06-07     Location: Airaines, France

Dunkirk had fallen, the Belgian Army had surrendered, and the British had left. The best French divisions were trapped in the north and the east. The situation was desperate. Behind the Somme River. every village was hastily fortified in hopes …

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Scenario#: HoN25     Date: 1944-06-13     Location: Ramelle, France

After the first days of the battle, Rommel attempted to force his armor across the Merderet River. If successful, he could launch a metal spear into the Yanks flank. The General's plan made any village with a bridge worth its weight in gold, and…

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Scenario#: Comp11     Date: 1944-09-19     Location: Wolfheze, Holland

As they held onto one of the drop zones outside of the village of Wolfheze, British paras of the 7th King's Own Borderers had been fighting off constant German attacks. After the 4th Parachute Brigade made a successful landing, the Borderers were…

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Scenario#: HotF01     Date: 1982-05-22     Location: San Carlos Water, Falkland Islands

The Argentine leaders first thought the British landing at San Carlos on May 21st might he a diversion, hut they were wrong; this was the landing. Their nearest ground forces, in Darwin and Groose Green, were too far away to …

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Scenario#: HotN02     Date: 01/02/1963     Location: Ap Bac, South Vietnam

The ARVN mistakenly believed that a reinforced Viet Cong company was holed up in the small village of Ap Bac, 65 kilometers southwest of Saigon. In reality, however, there was more than a battalion of Viet Cong in the vicinity …

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Scenario#: HotP09     Date: 1944-09-15     Location: Peleliu Island, Carolina Islands

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Scenario#: HFO06     Date: 1943-05-29     Location: Attu Island, Usa

Lock 'n Load TacticalHell Frozen Over

Scenario#: HotN03     Date: 01/08/1967     Location: Ben Suc, South Vietnam

In Operation Cedar Falls, the United States Army wanted to elminate the Viet Cong stronghold called the Iron Triangle. Army intelligence felt that the village of Ben Suc was the key to the Iron Triangle. Unfortunately, when the Army air …

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Scenario#: DJ02     Date: 1943-07-11     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

On July 10, 1943, after a long and violent fight, Hill 241.1 had finally been taken. Farther to the east, some units from the Aufklarung Abteilung had reached the outskirts of the Oktiabrskii State Farm and reported that the Soviets had set up a…

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Scenario#: HoN14     Date: 1944-06-07     Location: Vierville, France

The French village of Vierville straddled the road from Utah Beach to St. Come du Mont, a location key to the Americans and Germans alike. The Yanks captured Vierville on June 6th. 1944. but on June 7th, most of the …

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Scenario#: HoNA08     Date: 1941-05-04     Location: Ouskirts Of Tobruk, Lybia

Lock 'n Load TacticalHeroes of North Africa

Scenario#: HoN07     Date: 1944-06-06     Location: Benouville, France

Benouvilie, a town crucial in stemming any German counterattacks against the canal bridges and the invasion itself, was defended by a small holding force of the Ox and Bucks. They had successfully fended off early morning German probes, but had …

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Scenario#: Comp05     Date: 1940-06-03     Location: Spycker, France

On the final day of the French resistance in the pocket of Dunkirk, scattered units that had been surrounded and fighting for days and nights without rest, continued to defend down to the last bullet. They used any obstacles, farms, …

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Scenario#: HiD11     Date: 1940-05-14     Location: Monthermé, France

By the evening of May 14th the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Panzer Divisions had established a bridgehead at Sedan. The 5th and 7th Panzer Divisions had established a bridgehead in the area of Dinant and Houx but the spearhead of …

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Scenario#: Comp18     Date: 1944-06-13     Location: S Of Carentan, France

Following Allied action near Hill 30 by the 101st Airborne, heralding the fall of Carentan on June 12th, 1944 (D-Day + 6), surviving German defenders from the 6th Fallschirnijager Regiment had withdrawn and resupplied, and were reinforced by elements…

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Scenario#: Comp2     Date: 05/15/1968     Location: North of Tân Uyên, South Vietnam

Three months after the Tet Offensive, Australian forces moved to establish a Fire Support Base in Area of Operations Surfers (AO Surfers), in support of patrols to locate and destroy NVA units retreating through the area. Over a period of …

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Scenario#: Comp2     Date: 05/17/1968     Location: North of Tân Uyên, South Vietnam

After the initial assaults on FSPB Coral, the Australian forces commenced an aggressive patrolling regime with combined infantry and armored forces. These patrols would often spring NVA and VC forces preparing for an attack in their bunker and tunnel…

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Scenario#: HiD26     Date: 1940-06-04     Location: S Of Abbeville, France

The German blitzkrieg cut across northern France to the Englidh Channel like a scythe, with the Somme River forming its lower edge. In an effort to retake the German-held bridgeheads along the Somme, a combined British-Prench attack northward along…

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Scenario#: BoEC15     Date: 1945-01-15     Location: Noville, Belgium

Lock 'n Load TacticalBattles of Easy Company

Scenario#: HotM12     Date: 1945-02-22     Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hitler's Operation Spring Awakening, using six Waffen SS divisions to counterattack and relieve entrapped units in Budapest, was off to a slow start. Mud and dogged Russian defiance once again were the culprits, denying quick rnaneuver and advance.…

Lock 'n Load TacticalHeroes of the Motherland