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Any Day the Ruhr Pocket

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Any Day the Ruhr Pocket
Scenario Description
Germany collapsed as the US 1st and 9th Armies divided the already encircled Ruhr. Some towns greeted the Americans with white flags while others fought to the death. In many towns, the men of the 9th Armored Division encountered both sides of the coin: fanatical defense as well as capitulation. This scenario represents a typical day in the life of a soldier of the Phantom Division in the Spring of 1945.
Scenario Date
April, 1945
Ruhr, Germany
Battle Name
Ruhr Pocket
Battle Narrative
The Ruhr Pocket was a battle of encirclement that took place in April 1945, on the Western Front near the end of the second World War, in the Ruhr Area of Germany. Some 317,000 German troops were taken prisoner along with 24 generals. The Americans suffered 10,000 casualties including 2,000 killed or missing.
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Narrative Source
Wikipedia: Ruhr Pocket


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