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Scratch Force
Scenario Description
BRIEY, FRANCE, September 7, 1944: The Germans had counter-attacked in the night. Lacking aerial reconnaissance the Wehrmacht troops had, by chance , driven straight into the U.S. 90th Division Command Post, cutting off the advanced units of the division. In the hours that followed Gls of every rank and calling fought with whatever was available. By morning the situation had clarified to the extent that supplies had to be brought through to the cut-off American units. Although the bulk of the panzers had withdrawn, the German line was still too strong to be breached by unaided infantry. Commandeering every available AFV from HQ units and repair parks, General McClain sought to rupture the German stranglehold and push a supply convoy north.
Scenario Date
Briey, France
Battle Name
Battle of Metz
Battle Narrative
The Battle of Metz was a battle fought during World War II at the city of Metz, France, from late September 1944 through mid-December between the U.S. Third Army commanded by Lieutenant General George Patton and the German Army commanded by General Otto von Knobelsdorff. Strong German resistance resulted in heavy casualties for both sides. The city was captured by U.S. forces and hostilities formally ceased on 22 November; the last of the forts defending Metz surrendered on 13 December.
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Narrative Source
Wikipedia: Battle of Metz


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