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Hill 112
Scenario Description
CAEN, FRANCE, June 27, 1944: As part of the bitter Normandy battles following D-Day, the British 11th Armored and 15th Divisions spearheaded the 'Epsom' offensive, designed to tie down the German Panze r Divisions to the East of the beachhead and prize the defenders out of Caen. Vital to the attack was control of Hill 11 2 to the south-west of the town. Realizing its importance, the Germans we re determined to keep it out of enemy hands.
Scenario Date
Caen, France
Battle Name
Battle for Caen
Battle Narrative
The Battle for Caen is the name given to fighting between the British Second Army and the German Panzergruppe West in the Second World War for control of the city of Caen and vicinity, during the larger Battle of Normandy. The battles followed Operation Neptune, the Allied landings on the French coast on 6 June 1944 (D-Day). Caen is about 9 mi (14 km) inland from the Calvados coast astride the Orne River and Caen Canal, at the junction of several roads and railways. The communication links made it an important operational objective for both sides. Caen and the area to the south is flatter and more open than the bocage country in western Normandy; Allied air force commanders wanted the area captured quickly to base more aircraft in France.
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Narrative Source
Wikipedia: Battle for Caen


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