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Armoured Maelstrom

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Armoured Maelstrom
Scenario Description
While the II SS Panzer Corps was still trying to push north at Prokhorovka, the regular army panzer grenadier division “Grossdeutschland" was to join in the final push and break the stalemate at Kursk. Instead, the elite “GD” had to rush to the flank of the XLVII Panzer Corps where Soviet counter-attacks threatened to break through. On 12 July 1943, an ad hoc armored engagement began as “GD” fought the Soviet 10th Tank Corps and 1450th SU Regiment for control of the village of Novenkoe.
Scenario Date
12 July 1943
Prokhorovka, Russia
Battle Name
Battle of Prokhorovka
Battle Narrative
The Battle of Prokhorovka was fought on 12 July 1943 near Prokhorovka, 87 kilometres (54 mi) southeast of Kursk in the Soviet Union, during the Second World War. Taking place on the Eastern Front, the engagement was part of the wider Battle of Kursk, and occurred when the 5th Guards Tank Army of the Soviet Red Army attacked the II SS-Panzer Corps of the German Wehrmacht in one of the largest tank battles in military history.
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