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Shock and Awe

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Shock and Awe
Scenario Description
In the winter of I942, Soviet forces mounted the Toropets-Kholm offensive south of Lake Ilmen. Soviet forces, although ill-equipped, were able to surprise two forward German regiments, as the regiments were spread to such a degree that they couldn ’t protect each other. Capture of the German supply depot at Toropets allowed the Soviets to press further than expected, helping to create the northern border of the the Rzhev salient, which would become key in forcing the withdrawal of German troops the next year. The Toropets-Kholm offensive also led to two simultaneoud encirclements of GErman troops at Kholm and Demyansk.
Scenario Date
1 Feb 1942
Toropets, Russia
Battle Name
Toropets–Kholm Offensive
Battle Narrative
The Toropets–Kholm Offensive was a military operation conducted south of Lake Ilmen by the Red Army during World War II, from 9 January-6 February 1942. The operation contributed to the formation of the Kholm Pocket and the encirclement of the Wehrmacht's II Army Corps in the Demyansk Pocket.
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