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Scenario#: FH13     Date: 05/08/1969     Location: A Shau Valley, South Vietnam

U.S. Army units moved into the A Shau Valley In the opening moves of what would culminate in Hamburger Hill. Here two platoons advance on a small village suspected of harboring a Viet Cong contingent. The VC knew the Americans …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesForgotten Heroes

Scenario#: LOF13     Date: 06/09/1969     Location: An Bang, South Vietnam

After clearing the ridge from an ambush, Bravo and 2nd Platoon from Charlie Company joined the Battalion HQ perimeter at An Bang. As dusk settled, the Marines settled in for much needed rest. However, the distant sound of mortars being …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #09

Scenario#: LOF12     Date: 06/09/1969     Location: An Hoa Basin, South Vietnam

While moving to assist Alpha and Battalion HQ near An Bang, Charlie Company received word that Bravo Company had ran into an ambush. Michael Mauger's 2nd Platoon of Charlie moved out while Bravo prepared to clear the NVA from the …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #09