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Scenario#: B-1     Date: November 2, 1956     Location: Retidim (Bir Gifgaia), Egypt

En route to the Suez Canal, the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade is intercepted by the Egyptian 1st Armored Bridgade:.

Panzer (AH/MMP)Arab-Israeli Wars

Scenario#: S-1     Date: October 10, 1956     Location: Kalkiliah, Jordan

A battalion of the Israeli 202nd Paratroop Brigade raids the Jordanian police fort at Kalkíliah.

Panzer (AH/MMP)Arab-Israeli Wars

Scenario#: 12     Date: 11/2/1956     Location: Bir Gafgafa, Sinai

For the past three days the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade has been steadily advancing across the central Suez pursuing withdrawing Egyptian units. At Bir Gigafa the Egyptian 1st Armored Brigade deployed to delay the Israelis and allow the other…

Panzer (YAQ)IDF (The Boardgamer V7#3)