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Scenario#: 57     Date: 28 July 1944     Location: Saint-Denis-le-Gast, France

In late July 1944, the German and Allied armies were still locked in close combat in the hedgerows and small towns of Normandy. On July 28 a German attack led by elements of the 2nd Panzer Division smashed into the unsuspecting American XIX Corps…

Tide of IronDesigner Series

Scenario#: 56     Date: 11-Jul-44     Location: Saint-Lo, Normandy, France


Combat CommanderBattle Pack #3: Normandy

Scenario#: E24     Date: June 23, 1944     Location: Orsha, Russia

The Russians launch Operation Bagration seeking the destruction of Army Group Center. Tanks of the 5th Army push westward. The 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion rolls into action against enemy forces near Orsha. A heavy armor shield to blunt the Russian…

Old School TacticalVolume 1 Eastern Front

Scenario#: PD01     Date: December 18, 1944     Location: St. Vith, Belgium

While the American infantry fought for and captured the Elcherath hills, most of 9th Armored CCB fought a day long tank duel with elements of the 1st SS Panzer Division North of St. Vith. The Panzer Division was told they would not encounter any…

Old School TacticalPhantom Division

Scenario#: W10     Date: December 13, 1944     Location: Strass, Germany

After three days of fighting, the 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division has captured the town of Strass. The German defenders, elements of the 353rd Volksgrenadier Division, have retreated to the woods East of the village. Under the…

Old School TacticalVolume 2 Western Front

Scenario#: 39     Date: 30 Oct 1944     Location: La Houssiere, France

North of La Houssiere, October 30th, 1944—Advancing through the Foret Dominiale De Champ, the 1st Battalion of the 141st Regiment were cut off on a forested hilltop overlooking La Houssiere. Destruction of an entire American Battalion would be a…

Band of BrothersTexas Arrows

Scenario#: A6     Date: 26-Dec-44     Location: Hofen, Belgium

HOFEN, BELGIUM, December 26, 1944: In early December, the U.S. 47th Infantry Regiment was moved back to " Camp Elsenbom" for refit and final training of a large replacement cadre. But training and reorganization were still incomplete when the storm…

Squad LeaderASL Annual 90

Scenario#: 38     Date: 1 June 1944     Location: Velletri, Italy

Velletri, June 1st, 1944—The village of Velletri was part of the so-called ‘Caesar Line’ (which stretched from Lanuvio to Valmontone), and was defended by troops of the 362nd Infantry Division. The commander of the 36th, General ‘Fred’ Walker,…

Band of BrothersTexas Arrows

Scenario#: 6568     Date: 8/15/1944     Location: Pampelonne, France

August 15, 1944 marks D-Day for the Allied landing in Provence. In the morning, 3rd US Infantry Division (Alpha Force) lands at Cavalaire (Red Beach) and Pampelonne (Yellow Beach). Demoralized and reluctant to fight, the Germans offer little…

Memoir '44Audie Murphy's Campaign

Scenario#: B     Date: 28-Jun-44     Location: Moguang, Burma

NORTHERN BURMA, 28 JUNE 1944 - Over the course of three weeks in June, Michael ”Mad Mike” Calvert's 77th (Chindit) Brigade took Mogaung in support of the US advance down the Hukawng Valley. They suffered 50% casualties. Fearing they would then be…

Combat CommanderCC: Pacific

Scenario#: 14     Date: 19 Dec 1944     Location: Wardin, Belgium

Wardin, Belgium, December 19th, 1944—As American troops started to fi lter into Bastogne, troops were dispersed to defensive positions in the outlying areas. Company I of the 501st was sent south to clear some woods and then east into the small town…

Band of BrothersBand of Brothers

Scenario#: 30     Date: 7 August 1944     Location: Mortain, France

After the success of Operation Cobra. Patton's Third Army blew a hole through the German lines from Vire to Avranches. In predictable fashion, Hitler ordered a massive counterattack to cut off the lead Arnerican divisions along a 20 mile front.…

Panzer: Small Unit Actions and Combined ArmsExp. #3 Operations For The Drive To The Rhine - The Second Front

Scenario#: 41     Date: 12 Dec 1944     Location: Selestat, France

Selestat, December 12th, 1944—As the 36th advanced into the Alsace Plain they were struck by a massive German counterattack by the German 198th Infantry Division. In the northeastern outskirts of Selestat the 1st Battalion of the 142nd Regiment faced…

Band of BrothersTexas Arrows

Scenario#: KS07     Date: 23 May 1944     Location: Anzio, Italy

May 23, 1944. The U.S. 1st Armored Division started the process of the final breakout from the Anzio beachhead. Its assignment was to open the road leading to Rome and link up with the rest of the Allies advancing from the south.The German 3rd Panzer…

Tide of Iron1A Kickstarter

Scenario#: 25     Date: 9/17/1944     Location: Arnhem, Holland

The largest Airborne drop ever designed, Operation Market Garden was Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery's plan to end the war on the Western Front early. If successful, it would threaten the flanks of German defenses along the Siegfried line and…

Memoir '44Memoir 44

Scenario#: 3677     Date: 9/19/1944     Location: Arnhem, Holland

The largest airborne drop ever designed, Operation Market Garden was Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery's plan to end the war on the Western Front early. If successful, it would threaten the flanks of German defenses along the Siegfried line and…

Memoir '44Air Pack

Scenario#: 24     Date: 9/19/1944     Location: Arracourt, France

Part of the problem for the German forces involved in the Lorraine counter-offensive was the "Eastern" outlook of many of the units. They were unfamiliar with the US Army and its very different tactics. On the Eastern front, tank formations were used…

Memoir '44Memoir 44

Scenario#: 6     Date: Early 1944     Location: Kharkov, Ukraine

The Soviet 8th Guards Mechanized Corps was formed in late 1943 as part of the 1st Tank Army, which it remained part of until the end of the war. It was involved in battle to recapture Kharkov and then the advance to the Dnepr River. It saw continuous…

Panzer: Small Unit Actions and Combined ArmsOperations on the Eastern Front 1943-45

Scenario#: 13559     Date: 7/10/1944     Location: Eterville, France

The objective of Operation Jupiter was the capture of Hill 112 by British troops. 129th Brigade of the 43rd Infantry Division was ordered to capture it. on the 10th of July 1944, infantrymen of 4th Wiltshire, 4th Somerset Light Infantry and 5th…

Memoir '44Open de France 2014

Scenario#: PB1     Date: December 19, 1944     Location: Noville, Belgium

On December 19th, the Wehrmacht continued to advance towards the vital crossroads town of Bastogne. Sent to delay them were the men of Team Desobry. The two forces met outside of a town named Noville.

Old School TacticalPocket Battles

Scenario#: 4     Date: 27 July 1944     Location: Mortain, France

On July 27th, 1944, the Allies overran the Panzer Lehr Division and began their breakout across France. As General Patton rapidly advances forward, Field Marshal von Kluge is ordered not to retreat but instead to use the 116th Panzer Division to cut…

Tide of IronNext Wave

Scenario#: 19310     Date: 8/6/1944     Location: Mont Pinçon, France

During Operation Bluecoat, the 43rd Wessex Division was in charge to capture Mont Pinçon, hill 365. British infantrymen of the 129th Brigade, made with 4th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, 4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment and 5th Battalion…

Memoir '44Open de France 2018

Scenario#: 27     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: La Croix-Rouge, France

The attack on Hill 192 was only one part of a larger operation east of the Vire directed at St-Lo. This dominating height had been a thorn in the flank of the 1st army for some time. The enemy forces occupying the hill allowed observation over the…

Memoir '44Game Trade Magazine #52

Scenario#: 3680     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: la Croix-Rouge, France

For the past month, Hill 192, a dominating height east of the Vire River, has given the Germans a superb observation position on all the approaches to St-Lo, as well as the rear areas of V Corps as far as the beaches.The German 5th and 9th Parachute…

Memoir '44Air Pack

Scenario#: WS1     Date: December 10, 1944     Location: Strass, Germany

The 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83 rd Infantry Division is sent to capture the town of Strass, near the Hurtgen Forest. The town was defended by the veterans of the 353rd Infantry Division. It would be a tough fight.

Old School TacticalVolume 2 Western Front