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Scenario#: 11     Date: August 1943     Location: Kharkov, Ukraine

Bloodied in action the against the German Panzergrenadier Division 'Grossdeutschland' during the decisive Kursk offensive, the Soviet 3rd Mechanized Corps remained an element of the Soviet 1st Tank Army. When that unit the assumed the offensive…

Panzer (GMT)Exp. #1 The Shape Of Battle On The Eastern Front

Scenario#: 14     Date: 10 July 1943     Location: Kursk, Russia

By the close of the day on 9 July, the German 4th Panzer Army's XLVIII Panzer Corps reached the northernmost point of the offensive in the southern of the Kursk Salient. The next day found the German 3rd Panzer Division …

Panzer (GMT)Exp. #1 The Shape Of Battle On The Eastern Front

Scenario#: 33     Date: 27-Dec-44     Location: Bastogne, Belgium

The 101st Airborne was isolated, surviving by desperation and courage alone. But even the best troops cannot fight without ammunition, and by Christmas day supplies of all types were dwindling. A desperate plan to attempt resupply of the pocket was …

Squad LeaderGI: Anvil of Victory

Scenario#: 41     Date: 3/22/1943     Location: Wadi Zigzaou, Tunisia

Montgomery chose to make a frontal assault in an area defended by elements of Panzergrenadier Regiment Afrika and the weak Giovani Fascisti (Young Fascists). The 151st Infantry Brigade of the 50th Division reinforced by forty–odd Valentine tanks were…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL 5 - West of Alamein

Scenario#: 26     Date: March 22, 1943     Location: Wadi Zigzaou, Tunisia

When the British 8th Army began crossing the Mareth Line, one of the obstacles encountered was the wide, steep-sided Wadi Zigzaou. The first units to make their way across the wadi were accompanied by some 40 Valentine tanks, used because …

Panzer (YAQ)88: A Tactical Game of Armored Combat on the North African Front, 1940-1942

Scenario#: A056     Date: 3/16/1943     Location: Mareth, Tunisia

Before the 8th Army could launch its assault on the Mareth Line, it had to clear the Axis outposts between the Wadi Zeuss and the Wadi Zigzaou. One of these, held by veterans of the 90th Light Division, encompassed a group of small hills…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Annual 93a

Scenario#: 53     Date: 7/10/1943     Location: Syracuse, Sicily

Under the codename Operation Ladbroke, the British 1st Airlanding Brigade was to capture the Ponte Grande bridge spanning the Anapo River in eastern Sicily to allow for a quick march on Syracuse by the 5th Infantry Division. 144 gliders set off from…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL 7 - Hollow Legions (2nd Edition)

Scenario#: BRT06     Date: 11/20/1943     Location: Betio Island, Tarawa

In the pre-dawn light, the first amphibious invasion of a fortified beach began. Marines of 2/2 were slated to hit Red Beach Two, while those of 3/2 were assigned Red Beach One. Colonel Shoup, commander of the Regimental Landing Team, had planned for…

Advanced Squad LeaderHASL 5 - Blood Reef: Tarawa

Scenario#: S011     Date: 7/10/1943     Location: Biscari, Sicily

During the pre-dawn hours the U.S. 7th Army successfully landed at both Licata and Gela. Unaware of each others plans, the Italians and Germans began a series of uncoordinated attacks against the Americans with the intention of breaking through to…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Starter Kit #2

Scenario#: E13     Date: 1943-07-05     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

In the summer of 1943 Hitler launched what was to be his last gasp in the east. Citadel, as the Germans called it, was designed to collapse the Kursk salient at its base and pocket the Soviet Central Front. The …

Tank LeaderEastern Front

Scenario#: J097     Date: 7/16/1943     Location: Primosole Bridge, Sicily

After the night assault seized the bridge and a thin lodgement north of the Simeto, problems were experienced communicating to follow on units that the bridge had been captured. As the companies holding the lodgement began to come under increasing…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Journal #6

Scenario#: OA08     Date: 7/12/1943     Location: Casa Del Priolo, Sicily

Once the beachhead in Sicily was secure from Avis counterattack, the Allies began pushing inland. As the 16th Infantry Regiment advanced the Germans took an opportunity to strike a parting blow before continuing to withdraw. Six Tiger I tanks…

Advanced Squad LeaderOut of the Attic

Scenario#: WO18     Date: 7/10/1943     Location: Munda Airfield, New Georgia

The main attack on Munda Airfield came from the east by the 43rd Infantry Division. The main line of defense ran from Ilangana on Roviana Lagoon northwest for 3,000 yards, manned by the Japanese 229th Infantry Regiment. The defenses centered on…

Advanced Squad LeaderWinter Offensive Bonus Pack 2016

Scenario#: 46     Date: 6 July 1943     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

As part of the Russian 2nd army’s defensive belt south of Prokhorovka, Lieutenant Colonel Sushkov’s 154th Guards Rifle Regiment, 51st Guards Rifle Division, was ordered to block part of the expected armoured thrust by II SS Panzers Corps north into …

Band of BrothersBattle Pack 1

Scenario#: G19     Date: 1/1/1943     Location: Giropa Point, Papua New Guinea

General MacArthur, furious at the perceived inability of his commanders to crack the Japanese fortified positions surrounding Buna, relieved his top field commanders and placed General Eichelberger in command. MacArthur’s last words to Eichelberger…

Advanced Squad LeaderThe General #29.3

Scenario#: A013     Date: 8/8/1943     Location: Cesaro, Sicily

At first light, 2nd Battalion of the 47th Infantry Regiment stepped off to seize the next group of hills and, if possible, the village of Cesaro itself. Pushing through the scrub and low hills northwest of Cesaro, Company A quickly reached the…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Annual 90

Scenario#: 10754     Date: 10/13/1943     Location: Zaporozhie, Ukraine

In 1943, anticipating a massive Soviet offensive in Ukraine, German troops began to build a defensive "Panther-Wotan" line along the Dniepr river. By September, with the Soviets in hot pursuit, they had retreated to the west bank, Von Manstein…

Memoir '44Equipment Pack

Scenario#: 6     Date: '28/11/43     Location: Dneiper Bend, Russia

Even during momentary ”quiet" spells the Rusians would launch minor probes which were usually met by an elastic German "mobile defense."

Panzer (AH/MMP)PanzerBlitz

Scenario#: HFO02     Date: 1943-05-19     Location: Attu Island, Usa

Lock 'n Load TacticalHell Frozen Over

Scenario#: 23882     Date: July 05, 1943     Location: Oboyan, Russia

Tthe German attack commenced with a preliminary bombardment. The main attack was delivered by General Hoth's 4th SS Panzer Army. Opposing was the Soviet 6th Guards Army. The Soviets had constructed some fortified defensive belts called the Voronezh…

Memoir '44Dutch Open 2021

Scenario#: AP023     Date: 1/24/1943     Location: Arnautovo, Russia

Russian troops launched a surprise sortie against the village of Arnautovo which was held by the Italian Valchiese Battalion of the 6th Alpini Regiment and some divisional artillery. To add to the dismay of the Italian defenders, they were also beset…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #3 Few Returned

Scenario#: AP027     Date: 9/9/1943     Location: Magliana, Italy

After the Italians announced an armistice with the Allies, the Germans put into place plans to capture Rome and disarm the Italians. That evening, German paratroopers headed towards Rome, encountering resistance from the Granatieri di Sardegna…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #3 Few Returned

Scenario#: AP167     Date: 1/30/1943     Location: Wau, New Guinea

The Japanese offensive at the strategic location of Wau had been slowed through a rearguard effort at the nearby village of Wandumi. Once a Japanese regimental battle group, the Okabe Detachment, had finally amassed at Wau, they attempted to capture…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #16 From The Land Down Under

Scenario#: S009     Date: 7/10/1943     Location: Avola, Sicily

Operation Husky got off to a terrible start as gale-force winds greeted the poorly-trained pilots flying in the paratroopers and glidermen of the British 1st Airborne Division and the American 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Instead of dropping…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Starter Kit #2

Scenario#: J096     Date: 7/15/1943     Location: Primosole Bridge, Sicily

Despite a spirited defense of the Simeto Bridgehead, the Germans had retaken the bridge and established a bridgehead of their own south of the Simeto River. After a night of preparation, a counterstroke was launched the morning of the 15tth by the…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Journal #6

Scenario#: S022     Date: 7/10/1943     Location: Niscemi, Sicily

To form a defensive zone ahead of the vulnerable beachheads, parts of the 82nd Airborne Division wasdropped during the night before the main landings. But poor coordination, friendly AA fire and bad weather all made the operation a very difficult…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Starter Kit #3

Scenario#: 70     Date: 26-Jun-43     Location: Daliki, Belarus

In a remote village south of Lepel, Byelorussia, with Soviet partisans of an important Operative Center suddenly trapped by a well-executed German rear-area clearing operation.

Combat CommanderCC: Resistance

Scenario#: P11     Date: December 24, 1943     Location: Arawe, New Britian

The 112th Cavalry Regiment was landed as an infantry unit at Arawe. Dismounted now, the troopers had little training as an infantry unit and no experience in jungle warfare. A small patrol was ambushed by veteran units of the Komori …

Old School TacticalVolume 3 Pacific

Scenario#: 37     Date: 12 July 1943     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

While the II SS Panzer Corps was still trying to push north at Prokhorovka, the regular army panzer grenadier division “Grossdeutschland" was to join in the final push and break the stalemate at Kursk. Instead, the elite “GD” had to …

Tide of IronFury of the Bear

Scenario#: HFO06     Date: 1943-05-29     Location: Attu Island, Usa

Lock 'n Load TacticalHell Frozen Over

Scenario#: 8     Date: July 1943     Location: Kursk, Russia

The 4th Panzer Division, as part Of the General Walter Model's 9th Army's XLVII Panzer Corps, met the Soviet 2nd Tank Army headlong on the Northern Kursk Salient. Along with the 2nd and 4th Panzer Divisions, these panzer divisions formed …

Panzer (GMT)Operations on the Eastern Front 1943-45

Scenario#: W91     Date: 13-May-40     Location: Wadelincourt, Belgium

The northernmost of the three crossing attempts of the Meuse took place late in the day as advance elements of the German 2nd Panzer Division approached the river in the face of fierce crossfire from the western bank. As a …

Squad LeaderWargamers Pack 2

Scenario#: DJ02     Date: 07/11/1943     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

On July 10, 1943, after a long and violent fight, Hill 241.1 had finally been taken. Farther to the east, some units from the Aufklarung Abteilung had reached the outskirts of the Oktiabrskii State Farm and reported that the Soviets …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesDark July 43

Scenario#: DJ02     Date: 1943-07-11     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

On July 10, 1943, after a long and violent fight, Hill 241.1 had finally been taken. Farther to the east, some units from the Aufklarung Abteilung had reached the outskirts of the Oktiabrskii State Farm and reported that the Soviets had set up a…

Lock 'n Load TacticalDark July 43

Scenario#: 23883     Date: July 07, 1943     Location: Ponyri, Russia

In the opening moves of Operation “Zitadelle”, the German 9th Army crashed into the defensive lines of the Soviet 13th Army on the northern face of the Kursk Salient. The advance was barred by a cluster of fortified towns and …

Memoir '44Dutch Open 2021

Scenario#: AP166     Date: 1/28/1943     Location: Wandumi, New Guinea

In early January, the bitterly fought Buna-Gona campaign on the eastern coast of New Guinea was concluding. Further up the coastline, 4,000 Japanese troops of the veteran Slst Division landed in Salamaua, near Lac, and proceeded into the hinterland…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #16 From The Land Down Under

Scenario#: G12     Date: 2/6/1943     Location: Nalchik, Russia

For almost three months the German 1st Mountain and the Russian 318th Mountain Rifle divisions were locked together in combat on the slopes of Mount Elbrus. February 6th was a typical day, as simultaneous attacks on two ridges separated by a shallow…

Advanced Squad LeaderThe General #27.1

Scenario#: 9     Date: 12 March 1943     Location: Ivany-Berdyny, near Bogodukhov, Ukraine

During early March, 1943, Army Group Kempf had the mission to advance in the general direction of Belgorod as part of the new offensive to retake Kharkov. The Grossdeutschland Infantry Division formed the left wing of the Army Group with …

Fighting FormationsGrossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division

Scenario#: DASL24     Date: 2/4/1943     Location: Stanichka, Russia

With the German occupation of Sevastopol and Novorossiysk in 1942, the Soviet Black Sea Fleet had lost its primary naval bases. Its operations were shifted farther down the southeast coast to the city of Poti, whose port facilities were small and…

Advanced Squad LeaderDeluxe Advanced Squad Leader

Scenario#: K02     Date: 11 July, 1943     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

After a long night of struggling to secure little more than a tentative hold on the north bank of the Psel, the Totenkopfs Panzer Regiment received orders to expand the bridgehead and explore the Russian defensive positions in the region. Unbeknownst…


Scenario#: 20849     Date: 9/19/1943     Location: Arundel, Salomon Islands

After the failure of their attack in the night of 14-15 September, Japanese command decided to evacuate their troops from Arundel Island, in the Solomon Islands, under the protection of a well entrenched rear guard near Stima Lagoon. On the …

Memoir '44New Flight Plan Bonus

Scenario#: 28-3.5     Date: '19/8/43     Location: Kharkov, Russia

The 5th Guards Tank Army has ordered the Russian 18th Tank Corps to break through to Kharkov. Remnants of the German 3rd Panzer Division and the 503rd Tiger Battalion attempt to hold them back.

Panzer (AH/MMP)The General #28.3

Scenario#: 19080     Date: 12/20/1943     Location: Ortona, Italy

In December 1943, after taking heavy casualties when crossing the Moro River, Allied Canadian forces led by Major General Chris Vokes have formed a small beachhead into the city of Ortona. The Canadians, stuck in their advance, were met with …

Memoir '44Dutch Open 2017

Scenario#: 5520     Date: 11/19/1943     Location: Bougainville Island, New Guinea

After landing in Empress Augusta Bay during Operation Cherry Blossom, the 3rd Marine Division ventures into the Bougainville Jungle. On November 19, the Marines reach River Piva and a crossroads where the Numa Numa trail meets the East-West one.…

Memoir '44Open de France 2009

Scenario#: 12     Date: 9 July 1943     Location: Kursk, Russia

In a critical battle of the Soviet Central Front, the German 9th Army dashed with the Soviet 2nd Tank Army at the junction of the Northern Kursk Salient. Elements of the German 9th Panzer Division, along with attached Elefants and …

Panzer (GMT)Exp. #1 The Shape Of Battle On The Eastern Front

Scenario#: 10     Date: '12/7/43     Location: Prochorovka, Russia

The spearhead of the southern German pincer reaches the last line of Russian defenses as the Soviets commit their armor reserve. Largest tank battle of the war.

Panzer (AH/MMP)PanzerBlitz

Scenario#: 5913     Date: 7/12/1943     Location: Prokhorovka, Russia

The morning of July 12, 1943, somewhere in the vicinity of Prokhorovka - Having successfully broken through the third line of Soviet defenses the previous evening, the tank crews of Feldmarschall Manstein's II.SS-Pz.Korps, are finishing breakfast and…

Memoir '44Breakthrough

Scenario#: 18749     Date: 1/28/1943     Location: Wau, New Guinea

In 1942, in New Guinea, the village of Wau and its small airfield was the base of the Kanga Force, an Australian unit that harassed the Japanese troops in Lae and Salamaua. In January 1943, Japanese command decided to capture …

Memoir '44New Flight Plan

Scenario#: AP074     Date: 9/10/1943     Location: Battipaglia, Italy

Landing at 0330 a mile from the mouth of the Tusciano River, the 9th Royal Fusiliers were under fire from the moment they disembarked onto Roger Beach. Their objective was a small village at the base of a tall hill that was six miles distant. This…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #8 Roads Through Rome

Scenario#: AP065     Date: 3/13/1943     Location: Baw Village, Burma

For weeks the “Chindits” of the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade had been marching, living off the jungle, and harassing the Japanese wherever they were found. Major Mike Calvert's 3 Column had tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable site for an air…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #7