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Scenario#: 18     Date: July 2, 1861     Location: Falling Waters, West Virginia

The Battle of Falling Waters, also known as the Battle of Hoke’s Run, took place as part of the Manassas Campaign. On July 2, Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson’s division crossed the Potomac River near Williamsport and marched along the main …

Battle Cry - Civil War

Scenario#: 21     Date: November 7, 1861     Location: Belmont, Missouri

The Confederates in the west tried to defend a huge area by establishing strong points along the borders. Ulysses S. Grant, unlike many of his contemporaries, was ready to take action. On November 6, he embarked on transports with the …

Battle Cry - Civil War

Scenario#: 22     Date: December 20, 1861     Location: Dranesville, Virginia

Both armies went into winter quarters following the Battle of Ball's Bluff. On December 20, Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, with a mixed brigade, set out north from his position near Centerville to escort the army's wagon trains on a …

Battle Cry - Civil War

Scenario#: 48     Date: July 21, 1861     Location: Manassas, Virginia

In July, 1861 the Union army protecting Washington and the Confederate army facing it were full of new recruits. Neither was ready for war. But the Union forces were larger in number and the political pressure to do something was …

Hold the LineThe American Civil War

Scenario#: 1     Date: July 21, 1861     Location: Manassas, Virginia

The Confederates occupied a defensive position along the southern bank of a meandering river called Bull Run. With the bulk of his forces on his right, Beauregard planned to attack the Union left flank, but a little after sunrise on …

Battle Cry - Civil War

Scenario#: 20     Date: October 3, 1861     Location: Greenbrier River, West Virginia

After the failure of the campaign against the Union forces in the Cheat Mountain area in September 1861, the Confederate troops withdrew to the Greenbrier River, under the command of Gen. Henry R. Jackson. During the night of October 2–3, …

Battle Cry - Civil War

Scenario#: SE17     Date: August 10, 1861     Location: Wilson’s Creek, Missouri

Battle of Wilson's Creek

Horse & MusketSunset of an Era (VI)

Scenario#: 19     Date: August 10, 1861     Location: Wilson’s Creek, Missouri

Lyon decided to attack the Confederate encampments about ten miles south of Springfield, Missouri after his success at Dug Springs on August 2. Sigel and about 1,200 troops had moved east around to the south of the Confederates, while Lyon’s …

Battle Cry - Civil War