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Scenario#: 115     Date: 5/16/1811     Location: Albuera, Spain

The Fortress of Badajoz dominated the southern invasion route from Portugal into Spain. The British had invested the fortress, but had few engineers and no siege train to speak of. The French were not idle. Marshal Soult set out toward …

Commands & Colors: NapoleonicsExpansion #1: Spanish Army

Scenario#: 114     Date: 3/5/1811     Location: Cadiz, Spain

In early 1811, the French were engaged in a no-win siege against the Allies in the port of Cádiz. The French under Marshal Victor were not strong enough to reduce the port without a French sea blockade. After Soult drew …

Commands & Colors: NapoleonicsExpansion #1: Spanish Army

Scenario#: 9     Date: 3/12/1811     Location: Soure, Portugal

The battle at Redinha on March 12th, 1811, was the second rearguard action fought during Massena’s retreat from the Lines of Torres Vedras. Marshall Ney commanded the rear guard. Having failed to delay the British on the 11th, Ney retreated …

Commands & Colors: NapoleonicsC&C Napoleonics

Scenario#: AN01     Date: May 16, 1811     Location: Albuera, Spain

Battle of Albuera

Horse & MusketAge of Napoléon (V)