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Scenario#: A412     Date: October 7, 1780     Location: King’s Mountain, South Carolina

Battle of Kings Mountain

Horse & MusketAnnual #4

Scenario#: 47     Date: 14 Sept 1780     Location: Augusta, Georgia

Sometime in early September, Col. Elijah Clark and Lieut. Col. James McCall assembled a corps of Backwoodsman, some 400 to 700 depending on the account, in upper Georgia. With these he marched to attack the British post at Augusta on …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War

Scenario#: 8     Date: 16 August 1780     Location: Camden, South Carolina

Camden in 1780 had become an important base of operations for the British. In late July a Continental Army under Major General Horatio Gates marched from the North and was threatening the British supplies in Camden. On 14th August, Cornwallis …

Commands & Colors: TricorneC&C Tricorne

Scenario#: 25     Date: 16 Aug 1780     Location: Camden, South Carolina

General Gates took command of the Southern Department on July 25, 1780, and immediately marched its main army 120 miles towards the British supply base at Camden. Gate’s army was poorly equipped and fed. In an exhausted state, it consisted …

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: 108     Date: 7 October 1780     Location: Kings Mountain, North Carolina

After the skirmish at Musgrove’s Mill, Ferguson received news that a large body of militia was advancing towards him and he moved the Loyalist units he had raised and organized in Carolina to join Cornwallis in Charlotte. Just a days …

Commands & Colors: TricorneThe French & More!

Scenario#: 27     Date: 7 Oct 1780     Location: Kings Mountain, South Carolina

As British General Cornwallis advanced into North Carolina in September 1780 he had Major Patrick Ferguson protect his western flank with a command comprised of 1,075 disciplined loyalists. Ferguson issued a proclamation for the American rebels to…

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: 26     Date: 18 Aug 1780     Location: Cross Anchor, South Carolina

American Militia were undeterred by defeat and pursuit. A conglomerate of North and South Carolina Partisans made the decision to attack an encampment of British Regulars and Loyalists at Musgrove's Mill. They were unaware of the positions recent…

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: 107     Date: 28 June 1780     Location: Springfield, New Jersey

In June, Clinton and Knyphausen planned to make a second attempt on Washington’s main encampment at Morristown. Knyphausen would drive north, while Clinton moved up the Hudson. If Washington moved to attack Knyphausen, Henry would come ashore and…

Commands & Colors: TricorneThe French & More!

Scenario#: TR04     Date: August 16, 1780     Location: Camden, South Carolina

Battle of Camden

Horse & MusketTides of Revolution (IV)