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Scenario#: A318     Date: September 19, 1779     Location: Savannah, Georgia

Siege of Savannah

Horse & MusketAnnual #3

Scenario#: A306     Date: February 14, 1779     Location: Washington, Georgia

Battle of Kettle Creek

Horse & MusketAnnual #3

Scenario#: 23     Date: 19 Aug 1779     Location: Paulus Hook, New Jersey

Paulus Hook was a lighting raid by the Americans against the British strong point across from New York City. The tactics used were going to be the same as used as Stony Point. A night attack with bayonets to quietly …

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: 106     Date: 9 October 1779     Location: Savannah, Georgia

The occupation of Savannah by the British was part of their strategy to bring Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia back under royal control. General Prevost commanded the British defenses, while Comte d’Estaing’s and Benjamin Lincoln led the joint…

Commands & Colors: TricorneThe French & More!

Scenario#: 24     Date: 9 Oct 1779     Location: Savannah, Georgia

General Benjamin Lincoln, commanding, knew that he could not recapture Savannah without assistance from the French. French General d’Estaing sailed for Georgia with twenty-five ships of the line and 4000 French troops. Lincoln and the French…

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: 14     Date: 20 June 1779     Location: Johns Island, South Carolina

The Battle of Stono Ferry was an American Revolutionary War battle, fought on June 20, 1779, near Charleston, South Carolina. The rear guard from a British expedition retreating from an aborted attempt to take Charleston held off an...

Commands & Colors: TricorneKickstarter Exclusive

Scenario#: 22     Date: 16 July 1779     Location: Stony Point, New York

The Battle of Stony Point took place on July 16, 1779. In a well planned and executed nighttime attack, Continental Army troops under the command of General “Mad Anthony” Wayne conducted a quick and daring assault on the British outpost …

Hold the LineThe American Revolution

Scenario#: TR14     Date: August 29, 1779     Location: Newtown, New York

Battle of Newtown

Horse & MusketTides of Revolution (IV)