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Scenario#: A215     Date: July 23, 1758     Location: Sandershausen, Germany

Battle of Sandershausen

Horse & MusketAnnual #2

Scenario#: 37     Date: 13 March 1758     Location: Fort Edward, New York

Rogers Rangers had been a thorn in the sides of the French and Indians throughout the campaigns along Lake George and Lake Champlain. They had their revenge on the rangers when they caught them with superior forces during an ambush …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War

Scenario#: CW06     Date: June 23, 1758     Location: Krefeld, Germany

Battle of Krefeld

Horse & MusketCrucible of War (III)

Scenario#: A409     Date: October 14, 1758     Location: Hochkirk

Battle of Hochkirch

Horse & MusketAnnual #4

Scenario#: 38     Date: 8 June 1758     Location: Louisburg, Nova Scotia

Louisburg was the strongest fortress in French or British America and guarded the entrance to the St. Lawrence and New France. The key to taking the fortress was establishing a beach head on Ile Royale which required an amphibious landing …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War

Scenario#: CW03     Date: July 8, 1758     Location: Fort Carillon, New York

Battle of Carillon

Horse & MusketCrucible of War (III)

Scenario#: FW07     Date: October 14, 1758     Location: Hochkirch, Saxony

Following his costly victory over the Russians at Zorndorf, Frederick encamped his army in an exposed position at Hochkirk, where they drew supplies. Against better advice, Frederick remained. In the Austrian camp, Franz von Lacy convinced Daun to…

Hold the LineHold the Line: Frederick’s War

Scenario#: CW17     Date: August 25, 1758     Location: Zorndorf, Prussia

Battle of Zorndorf

Horse & MusketCrucible of War (III)

Scenario#: 39     Date: 8 July 1758     Location: Ticonderoga, New York

By the summer of 1758 the British had put together the largest army seen on the continent to that time: over 17,000 men. In command was General Abercromby, whose orders were to take Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga). To defend Fort Carillon …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War