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Scenario#: 27     Date: October 1572     Location: Kizaki plain, on the Ōsumi-Hyūga border, Japan

Ito Yoshisuke consolidated his gains over Hyuga province with the capture of Obi. Ito then pushed into Osumí, a holding of the Shimazu clan. Shimazu Yoshihiro only had few men with him, but was determined to make a stand. By …

Samurai Battles

Scenario#: 25     Date: 25 January 1573     Location: Mikatagahara, Tōtōmi Province, Japan

By 1572 Takeda Shingen was at the height of his power largely due to his superb Samurai cavalry. Although Tokugawa Ieysu was not his greatest threat, Ieysu would not grant the Takeda army right of passage to attack elsewhere. Shingen …

Samurai Battles

Scenario#: 26     Date: 25 January 1573     Location: Hamamatsu Castle, Japan

After his retreat to Hamamatsu castle, the Takeda army leaders suspected a trick and did not attack the castle, when they saw the open castle gate, light of the fires and heard the Tokugawa drums. The army, instead, pulled back …

Samurai Battles