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Scenario#: 11     Date: June 1560     Location: Toyoake, Owari Province, Japan

In ]une of 1560, Imagawa Yoshimoto assembled a large army with a dream of rising above a local daimyo to become shogunate of all Japan. All that stood in his path to Kyoto, Japan's capital city, was an old rival, …

Samurai Battles

Scenario#: 12     Date: June 1560     Location: Toyoake, Owari Province, Japan

After his army's success at capturing the Oda border forts of Marune and Washízu, the Imagawa army and its commander Yoshimoto took time to rest and celebrate their victories in a wooded gorge called Dengakuhazama. Nobunga, hearing of this, quickly …

Samurai Battles