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Scenario#: 6     Date: October, 1540     Location: Yoshida, Aki Province, Japan

ln October, although rebuffed on a number of occasions, Akíhisa renewed the offensive, burning the remaining buildings outside the castle. Mori Motonari still believed he could prevail and decided to risk a general engagement, but before he marched…

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Scenario#: 4     Date: June, 1540     Location: Yoshida, Aki Province, Japan

Early in 1540, Akihisa, leader of the Amako, proposed a full-scale invasion against the Mori. Before attacking the capital city of Mori, as an advance force, he sent the troops of Amako Kunihisa, of the Shinguto clan, via the Bingo …

Samurai Battles

Scenario#: 5     Date: September, 1540     Location: Yoshida, Aki Province, Japan

In early September, Motonari sent a small group of Ashigaru across the Tajii to provoke the Amako into attacking. When the Amako troops came out to drive them back, the Ashigaru fled back across the river to the safety of …

Samurai Battles