Commands & Colors: Tricorne: The French & More!

Commands & Colors: Tricorne: The French & More!

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Yorktown (Assault On Redoubt #9 & #10)
Revolutionary War battles tend to focus on British and American soldiers engaged in close, hand-to-hand combat, the siege of Yorktown, however, was primarily waged at long range by artillery, with relatively few direct troop confrontations. One key…

Gloucester Raid
The British Army was under siege in Yorktown and running short of supplies. Cornwallis sent Tarleton to Gloucester, just across the York River, to search for supplies. Tarleton, believing that he only faced militia, sent out raiding parties. Mercer,…

King's Mountain
After the skirmish at Musgrove’s Mill, Ferguson received news that a large body of militia was advancing towards him and he moved the Loyalist units he had raised and organized in Carolina to join Cornwallis in Charlotte. Just a days …

In June, Clinton and Knyphausen planned to make a second attempt on Washington’s main encampment at Morristown. Knyphausen would drive north, while Clinton moved up the Hudson. If Washington moved to attack Knyphausen, Henry would come ashore and…

The occupation of Savannah by the British was part of their strategy to bring Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia back under royal control. General Prevost commanded the British defenses, while Comte d’Estaing’s and Benjamin Lincoln led the joint…

Brandywine (Green's Rear Guard)
Sterling, Stephan and Sullivan divisions, on Washington’s right, could not hold against the steady attack of Cornwallis’ men. When ordered, Greene quickly moved and deployed his troops into line, which allowed the shaken troops to pass through their…

Brandywine (Knyphausen's Attack)
At Chadds Ford, after Greene’s division was ordered to support the right, Knyphausen heard the sound of gunfire from the north and attacked. Once across the Brandywine, the Continental gun position was quickly overrun. Outnumbered, Wayne and…

Brandywine (British Flank Attack)
Around 2:30 on the 11th, Howe’s plan was carried out. Cornwallis was in position and shook his column out into line near Osborne’s hill, resting his troops for an hour, and then advanced toward the Birmingham Meeting House. Washington, now …

Brandywine (Washington's Attack)
Philadelphia, the capital of the newly formed nation, was the chief objective of British General Howe in 1777. The British, after landing at Elk(ton) Maryland from the Chesapeake, marched toward the city on the Baltimore to Philadelphia road. …

Pell's Point
Sir William Howe, deciding against a frontal attack against Washington’s Continentals on Harlem Heights, instead planned to flank Washington, but the first attempt at Throgs Neck failed. A second attempt was planned, but Washington had already…
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