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Waterloo (11AM-3PM)
Napoleon retained his strategic brilliance, placing his army squarely between the Prussian and Anglo-Allied armies on June 16th. His tactical genius was fading. He allowed an entire corps to countermarch aimlessly on the 16th, deny him the…

Quatre Bras
Napoleon Bonaparte’s surprise march placed his army squarely between Blucher’s Prussians at Ligny and Wellington’s Anglo-Allied army assembling around Brussels. Napoleon concentrated most of his strength against Blucher, but ordered Ney and the II…

Combat at Aire
Wellington’s victorious army was too tired to give immediate chase to the defeated French after the Battle of Orthez, but Wellington did dispatch General Hill with two divisions of infantry, a cavalry brigade and horse artillery to deny the French …

Garcia Hernandez
Bock’s heavy (Kings German Legion) cavalry brigade and Anson’s British light cavalry brigade were in hot pursuit of the French army on the 23rd, the day after Wellington’s smashing victory at Salamanca. Marshal Marmont detailed Foy’s French division…

Salamanca (British Attack on the French Right)
Marmont’s army had marched into a deadly British ambush. In the first hour of fighting, three of the eight French divisions were completely smashed and the French left wing ceased to exist. Despite a successful counterattack in the center by …

Salamanca (Attack on the French Left)
Following the capture of Badajoz and Ciudad Rodrigo, Wellington advanced into Spain where Marshal Marmont’s Army of Portugal awaited him. The two armies sparred for position, each looking to catch the other at a disadvantage. When Marmont threatened…

Combat at Redinha
The battle at Redinha on March 12th, 1811, was the second rearguard action fought during Massena’s retreat from the Lines of Torres Vedras. Marshall Ney commanded the rear guard. Having failed to delay the British on the 11th, Ney retreated …

Bussaco (Ney’s Assault)
Uncertain how his army of 50,000 troops, composed of equal portions British and Portuguese, would deal with another open clash with the larger French army, Wellington had deployed most of his forces on the reverse slope of Bussaco ridge and …

Bussaco (Reynier’s Assault)
Retreating towards Torres Vedras, the Duke of Wellington’s army of 25,000 British and the same number of Portuguese halted at Bussaco to make a stand along the crest of Bussaco Ridge and check the advance of Marshal Massena and the …

River Coa
After eliminating the garrison at Ciudad Rodrigo, Marshal André Masséna ordered Marshal Ney’s 6th Corps to advance on the fortress of Almeida. Rather than retreat and cross the river as ordered by Wellington, Crauford courted disaster and chose to…

Talavera (French attack on British)
Sir Arthur Wellesley crossed into Spain and on July 20th joined with General Cuesta’s beaten Spanish Army to oppose two French armies under Soult and Victor. Hearing of the allied advance, Soult proposed that Victor attack to hold the British …

Though Sir John Moore had orders to assist the Spanish army in 1808, he soon realized that the Spanish were beaten and ordered a retreat to evacuate his forces. He managed to keep ahead of the pursuing French, but was …

Four days after Wellesley’s initial clash at Rolica, General Jean-Andoche Junot, with an army of 14,000, attacked the Anglo-Portuguese army of 17,000 troops. Junot wanted to defeat the invaders before reinforcements could arrive by sea. The battle of…

Rolica (French 2nd Position)
Delaborde expertly withdrew his force near Roliça to a second defensive position before the British flanking columns could encircle him. The new position was extremely strong and could only be reached frontally by four rugged gullies. Wellesley…

Rolica (French 1st Position)
After landing unopposed at Mondego Bay, Sir Arthur Wellesley led a Portuguese/British army of some 15,000 men south towards Lisbon. Opposing him was General Henri Delaborde, with a force consisting only of some 5000 infantry, 500 cavalry and 5 field…
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