Memoir '44: Winter Wars

Memoir '44: Winter Wars

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The Final Counter-Attack
Constant pressure from Hitler to capture Bastogne led Generalleutnant Karl Decker, a prudent but determined and highly experienced officer, to launch a pincer operation in an attempt to isolate the town. While XXXIX Panzerkorps attacked from the…

Peiper at Stoumont
Ordered to throw a defensive line together and block Kampfgrupper Peiper for 24 hours, Colonel Roy Fitzgerald was the first to reach Stoumont. As he deployed his forces around the village, he was surprised to find Battery C from the …

Escape along Salmchâteau
On December 23, Kampfgruppe 'Krag" was already in control of the village of Salmchâteau when Task Force 'Jones' approached along the steep-sided Salm valley. The column of American tanks and infantry were spread out along the road when Krag unleashed…

Resistance at Marvie
On December 23, the Germans started to shell Marvie, a suburb of Bastogne. At about the same time, German tanks and infantry slowly began to progress toward Hill 500. A few US soldiers were able to withdraw, but most stayed …

The morning of December 19 opened under a thick fog. The stragglers that had been poring back through the Allied lines had stopped coming, which could only mean the enemy was approaching. In the village of Wardin, Team S-2 and …

Clervaux - The Road to Bastogne
Planned with the utmost secrecy, German "Operation Watch on the Rhine", launched in the wee hours of December 16, 1944. Hitler's objective: To conduct a blitzkrieg on what the US First Army considered a "quiet" front and push through the …

Battle in the Schnee Eifel
Further up in the center, this same morning of December 16, 1944, Fifth Panzer Army attacked the positions held by the U.S. 28th and 106th Infantry Divisions. Thinly spread and outmatched, numerically as well as materially, the 422nd and 423rd …
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