Memoir '44: Terrain Pack

Memoir '44: Terrain Pack

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Schwammenauel Dam
Before Operation 'Veritable' and 'Grenade' could begin, there was a matter of the Roer dams to consider. These dams were located in an area of steep gorges, small mountains and narrow roads. Earlier attempts to capture the dams had failed …

The Battle of Gazala was a series of clashes between Rommel and the British in the late spring of 1942 near the Libyan coast. The brilliant, but risky maneuvers by the 'Desert Fox' in late May and early June were …

Across the River Roer
The 9th Army was lined up along the River Roer on the 23rd of February at the start of Operation Grenade. The river had receded enough to make a crossing possible and the Operation opened with a tremendous artillery bombardment. …

Nijmegen Bridges
It was hoped that the 82nd Airborne Paratroopers would be able to take the strongly held Nijmegen bridges during the early phases of Operation Market Garden, but other priorities and drops that put most of the Paras miles from their …
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