Memoir '44: Eastern Front

Memoir '44: Eastern Front
Eastern Front army pack add the Russian forces to Memoir 44.

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Breakout to Lisyanka
In January, 1944 a large pocket of 6 German divisions with over 56,000 troops had been cut-off by the Soviet Army's 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Front troops. For days the Russians continued the attack in an attempt to split up …

Breakout at Klin
When the German offensive against Moscow came to a halt on December 6, 1941, the 1st Panzer Division was ordered to Klin with the mission of keeping the town open for the withdrawal of other German formations. It succeeded in …

The Soviet Army crossed the border into Finland in the last days of November, 1939. On December 8th, they reached the lightly defended village of Suomussalmi. The next day, Colonel Hjalmar Siilasvuo, a veteran of WWI, brought in reinforcements and …

Red Barricades Factory
By mid October the fighting amidst the rubble of the Red Barricades Factory Complex in the northern section of Stalingrad had drawn in more and more of the German 6th Army's forces. On the 22nd the 79th Infantry division, supported …

Prokhorovka Overlord
The tank battle of Prokhorovka was a clash between two immense armored forces. As the SS Panzer Corps started its advance, the Soviet artillery erupted and soon after the 5th Guards Tank Army under Gen. Pavel Rotmistrov accelerated toward the …

The village of Ponyri was the focal point of General Walther Model's planned breakthrough in the area north of Kursk. Three German infantry division were ordered to assault the village, while elements of two Panzer divisions supported the attack.…

Gates of Moscow
In October, the German High Command launched the final offensive of 1941 - Operation Typhoon. The initial German success on the Eastern Front had put them deep into the Soviet Union on all fronts, but the advance slowed before they …

Bug River
On June 22, 1941, the 18th Panzer Division made an unusual assault across the Bug River. The first wave of infantry in Sturmboot assault craft was followed by anti-tank and artillery on decked inflatable rafts. Even more remarkable, were the …
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