Great War Commander: Battle Pack 1

Great War Commander: Battle Pack 1

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Fast and Furious
"The Germans got us, and they got us right smart. They just stopped us dead in our tracks. Their machine guns were up there on the heights overlooking us and well hidden, and we couldn't tell for certain where the terrible heavy fire was coming from…

Guillemont Farm
When the 27th US Division arrived in the Bony sector to take its starting positions for the combined attack on the St Quentin canal, the area had not been secured as expected by the British III Corps, and the Americans worked for three clays and…

Excerpt from a French officer’s diary (167th Regiment d’Infanterie): “The attacks on the 3rd would be extraordinarily fierce. At 4 am the German artillery, launched a violent fire. The 75 behind us retaliated violently, and it was under a deadly…

Following the Tanks
The 1/6th Black Watch on the right of 153rd Brigade, moving behind the tanks, overran the Outpost Line. At Mole Trench, the last in the main defences which ran behind the whole length of the German Line, they were held up by uncut barbed wire but…

Operation Hush
Operation Hush was a British plan to make amphibious landings on the Belgian coast in 1917. supported by an attack from Nieuwpoort and the Yser bridgehead. It was intended to begin when the main offensive at Ypres (Third Battle of Ypres) had gained…

Primera Patrulha
The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps (Corpo Expedicionario Poruigues, CEP), over 50,000-strong, was the supreme achievement of Portuguese interventionism in World War I. The CEP’s 1st Division, prepared over the course of 1916, set sail for France…

The Battle of the Soimne raged for over four months and resulted in over a million casualties to Allied and German troops, The Canadians, originally in the Ypres sector, missed the first months of the fighting, but had been moved to the Somme by…

Hill 60 Chapter II
2/KOSB’s B and C Company were to form the pioneer supports for the attack of 1/RWK. From the start difficulties arose from the problems of working in darkness amidst the great heaps of debris from the craters, turning the German trench around and…

Hill 60 Chapter I
Hill 60 had been captured from the French by the German 30th Division late 1914. Initial French preparations to raid the hill were continued by the British who took over the line in Febiaiary 1915. An unfinished French mine gallery was extended by…

Garibaldi Legion
The 4th Marching Regiment of ihe 1st Foreign Regiment, the Garibaldi Legion, was a unit of the French Foreign Legion created in November 1914 composed only of Italian volunteers and placed under the command of Lt-Colonel Peppino Garibaldi, the eldest…

Race to the Bridge
Fortress Antwerp was heavily bombed by the Germans, and on 8 October 1914, the Belgian field army withdrew across the river Schelde into the province of West Flanders. Tliey eventually dug in behind the river IJzer. Tlie British forces too withdrew…

The previous attack on Etrepilly having been repulsed. General Quiquandon ordered the 4th Batallion of the 2nd bis RMZ to attack the village at night. This lock had to be blown up to open a passage in the Therouanne valley, and thus threaten the…
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