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Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division

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The Expected Counterattack
Following the taking of the so-called ‘cemetery hill,’ III Battalion/I.R. GD 1 was called forward to relieve the two Pionier companies which had carried out the assault. By 1900 hours III Bn began consolidating their new positions in anticipation of…

Back To Russia
During early March, 1943, Army Group Kempf had the mission to advance in the general direction of Belgorod as part of the new offensive to retake Kharkov. The Grossdeutschland Infantry Division formed the left wing of the Army Group with …

“Tanks Are Coming Now....”
As the vast size and scope of the Russian attack through the Luchessa Valley became apparent, it was realized that the battered GD Infantry Division lay at the focal point of the offensive. The Grenadier Regiment GD (less II Battalion) …

Operation Herbstwind: Gostischka Lowlands
Follows the action on the left flank of the larger Operation Herbstwind: Kampfgruppe Grosser scenario—that is, the battle to consolidate new defensive positions in the lowlands between the town of …

Operation Herbstwind: Garski’s Demise
As always, Oberst Garski led from the front. In order to ensure secure radio communication, he commandeered a Panzer II tank that was fitted with a dummy cannon. When the attack began, Garski accompanied 13th Company/I.R. 2 which was being …

Operation Herbstwind: Kampfgruppe Grosser
The main objective of Operation Herbstwind (“Autumn Wind”) was simple: achieve a better defensive line while stripping the enemy’s current defensive line of its strategic strongpoints. In some cases the attacking units only had to cover 400-600…

Operation Max Und Moritz
Following painstaking preparations and supported by the infantry and artillery, Sturmpionier Battalion GD was to launch a daring operation against the enemy bunkers of the so-called “cemetery hill” due east of the town of Tschermassowo. This…

Just Past Don
In the race to capture Voronezh in early July, elements of 7th Company/Infantry Regiment GD 1 captured a road bridge over the Don River nearly intact—just a 15 meter gap at the east bank had been burned out during the …

Kampfgruppe Garski
During operations in the Olym River area on 29-30 June, the 24th Panzer Division – occupying Grossdeutschland’s right flank – came under stiff resistance at the town of Gorschetschnoje. 24th Panzer bypassed the village and resumed its advance to the…

A Surprise At Sunrise
On the 30th of June, 1942, Grossdeutschland Infantry Division informed XXXXVIII Panzer Corps that it had established a bridgehead across the Olym river. The forward forces included elements of I (Grenadier) Infantry Reg’t, the Reconnaissance Bn and…
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