Panzer (AH/MMP): Panzerblitz: Hill of Death

Panzer (AH/MMP): Panzerblitz: Hill of Death

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Causeway Attack
Carentan 11th June 1944: The 101st Airborne planned on attacking southward across the Douves river, bypassing the town of Carentan, and seizing la Billonerie (Hill 30) thereby cutting off the primary German escape routes. The 502nd Parachute lnfantry…

Assault on Carentan
Carentan 13th June 1944: On the afternoon of June 12th, the 101st Airborne pushed southwest of Carentan to establish an in-depth defense and link up with the 82nd Airborne on its right. The paratroopers ran into the new German line …

Pierced and Bloodied
On July 10, 1944, the 9th Cameronians were assigned the defense of Eterville and with it the security of the left flank. Panzer Grenadiers of the 10th SS had quickly followed the withdrawing elements of the Dorsets from the town …

No Happy Rest
Clearing the crossroads at le Bon Repos was given to the 2nd Glasgow Highlanders. At 21:30 hours on July 15th 1944 they jumped off. Assisted by Monty's moonlight, the attack would advance down the slopes of Hill 112 from the …

Twlight at Maltot
Twelve days after the initial assault, the vital village of Maltot lies in ruins. On 22nd July, 1944, the German 272nd lnfantry Division, which had arrived on foot from the Pas de Calais, was assigned the defense. The 129th Brigade …

Overlooking Maltot
While its sister brigade advanced on the summit of Hill 112, the 130th Brigade jumped off on July 10th at 08:00 to secure the left flank. Intelligence reported the town of Maltot to be lightly defended, so the plan was …

Take the Hill
The main thrust on July 10th 1944 was toward the summit of Hill 112. While the 130th Brigade secured the left flank, the 129th Brigade. supported by the 7th RTR, was to advance on a broad front and secure the …

End of Jupiter
Late on July 10th, it was realized that the battle to break through to the Orne River was seriously in question. In fact, the battle for the vital Hill 112 was turning into a stalemate. Maj. General Thomas decided that …

Launch of Jupiter
On the morning of July 10th, the 130th Brigade, supported by the 9th Royal Tank Regiment (RTR), jumped off at 05:30. The objectives for 5th Dorsets this morning were the towns of Les Dauns and Eterville, along with the ruins …

First Crack
On June 27th 1944, the 2/Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders of the 227th Brigade seized the small bridge over the Odon River at the town of Tourmauville. The bridgehead was reinforced into the night and in the morning after a short …
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