Horse & Musket: Annual #4

Horse & Musket: Annual #4
Horse and Musket Annual Number 4 is the fourth fan expansion to Horse & Musket. It will add new scenarios for owners of Volumes I-V and Horse & Matchlock.

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Vive la Nation!
Battle of Valmy

Victory or death
Battle of Trenton

Return to Trenton
Battle of the Assunpink Creek

Napoléon Takes the gateway to Old Russia
Battle of Smolensk (1812)

Battle of Rocoux

Battle of Mohacs (1687)

Bessières’ Hollow Victory
Battle of Medina de Rioseco

Napoleon’s Bloody Return to Prussia
Battle of Lutzen (1813)

Battle of Hochkirch

Perilous Winter Crossing
Battle of Berezina

The Truce of Pläswitz
Battle of Bautzen (1813)

Bourbon High Tide in Italy
Battle of Bassignano

Stanhope’s Great Charge
Battle of Almenar

Jochim Murat’s Bold Charge
Battle of Abukir (1799)
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