Horse & Musket: Annual #3

Horse & Musket: Annual #3
The third annual scenario book for Sean Chick's Horse & Musket series brings twenty new battles to your table drawn from throughout the eras covered in the first five volumes. Ownership of the base game plus one or more expansions is required; ownership of all five will enable you to enjoy all twenty scenarios:

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Frederick II’s Last Battle
Battle of Burkersdorf (1762)

St. Clair’s Defeat
St. Clair's Defeat

“Prinz Eugen der edle Ritter”
Siege of Belgrade (1717)

Piccolomini’s Pinnacle
Relief of Thionville

A Revolution Strangled
Prussian Invasion of Holland

“Jesus and no quarter!”
Battle of Tippermuir

Bevern’s Finest Hour
Battle of Reichenberg

The Salvation of Habsburg Italy
Battle of Piacenza

Bonaparte’s First Victory
Battle of Montenotte

John Boyd’s Loyalist Misadventure
Battle of Kettle Creek

“This disaster did extremely amaze us.”
Battle of Inverlochy (1645)

“Fortune has not been our friend.”
Battle of Hobkirk's Hill

“The Black Snake That Never Sleeps.”
Battle of Fallen Timbers

Buttons for Bullets
Battle of Bysjon
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