Horse & Musket: Annual #2

Horse & Musket: Annual #2
The second annual scenario book for Sean Chick's Horse & Musket series brings twenty new battles to your table drawn from throughout the eras covered in the first four volumes. Ownership of all four will enable you to enjoy all twenty scenarios, but several scenarios can be played only with the base game (Dawn of an Era), or the base game and one expansion.

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The Self-denying Ordinance
Second Battle of Newbury

Our Zeal and Devotion
Natchez revolt

Battle of Walcourt

Ulan Butong
Battle of Ulan Butung

Battle of Speyerbach

The Love and Death of Cornet Rilke
Battle of Saint Gotthard (1664)

Roundway Down
Battle of Roundway Down

Battle of Nordlingen (1634)

Jao Modo
Battle of Jao Modo

“Fear eile airson Eachainn!”
Battle of Inverkeithing

Battle of Holowczyn

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Battle of H%C3%B6chst

Battle of Gemauerthof

The Birth of the Prussian Army
Battle of Fehrbellin

Battle of Denain

Adwalton Moor
Battle of Adwalton Moor
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