Horse & Musket: Annual #1

Horse & Musket: Annual #1
The first annual scenario book for Sean Chick's Horse & Musket series brings twenty new battles to your table from throughout the eras covered in the first three volumes. Ownership of all three will enable you to enjoy all twenty scenarios included herein, though some scenarios can be played with only the base game, or only one of the previous expansions.

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French Canada’s Denouement
Battle of Sainte-Foy

Frederick Escapes Daun’s Trap
Battle of Liegnitz (1760)

…either hang him or make him Marshal of France.
Siege of Bergen op Zoom (1747)

Hapsburg Zenith
Battle of Zenta

Lacy Smashes Sweden
Battle of Villmanstrand

The Flight of the Spaniards
Battle of Torroella

Battle of the Boyne

Is There No God Beside Me?
Battle of Stresow

The End of the Pike
Battle of Steenkerque

Marlborough’s Greatest Victory
Battle of Ramillies

Another hour of daylight…
Battle of Oudenarde

Glorious Victory at Lesnaya
Battle of Lesnaya

Nader’s Last Battle
Battle of Kars (1745)

Lehwaldt’s Gamble
Battle of Gross-Jagersdorf

A Battle Won and a War Lost
Battle of Gadebusch

Last Chance for the Jacobites
Battle of Falkirk Muir

Bevern’s Stand
Battle of Breslau (1757)
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