Horse & Musket: Horse & Matchlock

Horse & Musket: Horse & Matchlock
The original conception of Sean Chick’s Horse & Musket was a six-volume series that begins in the age of Eugene and Marlborough, takes us through the times of Frederick the Great, George Washington, and Napoleon, ending in the era of Grant and Sherman. Central to this concept was the idea that there was room for more - that fans of the series could expand upon Mr. Chick’s foundations and build in new and interesting directions. This idea reaches its fullest expression in Horse & Matchlock. Mr. Chick’s system has been adapted by Johan Brattström to create a new “prelude” volume - with new unit types and firing procedures - that embodies the tactics and technologies of the era of Tilly and Gustavus Adolphus, Oliver Cromwell and Rupert of the Rhine, Condé and Turenne.

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Essex's Finest Hour
First Battle of Newbury

The Royal Oak
Battle of Worcester

Slow Grind to Victory
Battle of Wimpfen

Last Stand of the Bohemian Revolt
Battle of White Mountain

The Tides of Battle
Battle of the Dunes (1658)

Turenne Invades the Palatinate
Battle of Sinsheim

Condé's Last Bloody Hurrah
Battle of Seneffe

El Ultimo Tercio
Battle of Rocroi

Will you go upon your Death?
Battle of Naseby

I was the King of Sweden
Battle of Lutzen (1632)

Tilly's Greatest Victory
Battle of Lutter

The Return of the King
Battle of Lund

The Peace of Westphalia
Battle of Lens

Slaughter Howe
Battle of Kilsyth

Altera Restat
Battle of Fleurus (1622)

For God and King Charles
Battle of Edgehill

Gustav II Adolf's Masterpiece
Battle of Breitenfeld (1631)

Slaughter of Garlic Hill
Battle of Auldearn

The Craibstane Rout
Battle of Aberdeen (1644)
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