Horse & Musket: Age of Napoléon (V)

Horse & Musket: Age of Napoléon (V)
The final phase of the French Revolutionary War saw the rise of the greatest commander of the era. Napoléon Bonaparte was a military and political genius, who used his growing popularity to make himself ruler of France. After an assassination attempt, he made himself emperor, hoping to be accepted by other monarchs. He was not, and the mutual distrust and antipathy led both sides to choose war over peace. The conflict spanned all of Europe, from the mountains of Portugal to the gates of Moscow. The struggle spilled into the wider world, in time dragging America into the conflict as she waged a separate and futile war with the British.

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Remember the Raisin!
Battle of the Thames

Disaster at Niagara
Battle of Queenston Heights

Now it’s time for action!
Battle of Novi (1799)

The Eighth
Battle of New Orleans

Butchery at Dusk
Battle of Lundy's Lane

Tell your Marshal he is seeing double.
Battle of Jena–Auerstedt

The Zenith of Jean Moreau
Battle of Hohenlinden

Then we have already made peace.
Battle of Friedland

Battle in the Großer Garten
Battle of Dresden

Die hard 57th, die hard!
Battle of Albuera
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