Horse & Musket: Crucible of War (III)

Horse & Musket: Crucible of War (III)
The third volume of Sean Chick's Horse & Musket takes as its subject the Seven Years' War, a conflict that saw fighting in both the old world and the new. This was the last great clash of monarchs - the final and grandest game of European power politics before it was all to be swept away by the bloody tides of revolution. The dramatic deaths of Montcalm and Wolfe. The famous stand of the Minden regiments. The disastrous defeats that threatened to destroy Frederick II, and the dramatic victories that saw his Prussia emerge as a major power. It's all here, ready to be recreated on your tabletop.

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Zieten Saves the Day
Battle of Torgau

Soubise’s Blunder
Battle of Villinghausen

Savagery on the Meitzel River
Battle of Zorndorf

The paths of glory lead but to the grave…
Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Braddock’s Defeat
Battle of the Monongahela

Après nous, le deluge
Battle of Rossbach

The Birth of British Bengal
Battle of Plassey

The Day of Roses
Battle of Minden

Bloody Morning Scout
Battle of Lake George

The Fate of Fort Niagara
Battle of La Belle-Famille

I believe that everything is lost
Battle of Kunersdorf

Brunswick’s Masterpiece
Battle of Krefeld

The Convention of Klosterzeven
Battle of Hastenbeck

Montcalm’s Cross
Battle of Carillon

Krefeld Avenged
Battle of Bergen (1759)

Wolfe’s Bloody Blunder
Battle of Beauport
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