Horse & Musket: Sport of Kings (II)

Horse & Musket: Sport of Kings (II)
The ambitious task that designer Sean Chick has set before himself with his series Horse & Musket is to trace the development of battlefield tactics, doctrine, and technology from the end of the seventeenth century to the middle of the nineteenth over the course of six volumes. This second volume picks up where Dawn of an Era left off, covering 1721 - 1748. This is a dramatic and colorful era, “the pinnacle of classic linear combat”. Memorable personages such as Nader Shah, Maurice de Saxe, and Bonnie Prince Charlie march their grand armies across your hex grid. Stealing the spotlight is the young and untested Frederick II of Prussia. Early on he suffers embarrassments and setbacks, stumbling into victories by the skin of his teeth. But by the time this volume concludes, he will have become one of the greatest leaders in military history.

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Father Senat’s Hymn
Chickasaw Campaign of 1736

Bienville’s Blunder
Chickasaw Campaign of 1736

Stănileşti Avenged
Battle of Stavuchany

God is against us.
Battle of Soor

The Fate of Baghdad
Battle of Samarra (1733)

Accidental Cannae
Battle of Prestonpans

Ligonier’s Charge
Battle of Lauffeld

Der Hohenfriedberger Marsch
Battle of Hohenfriedberg

Zenith of the the Hotak Dynasty
Battle of Gulnabad

The Day the World Lost
Battle of Guastalla

The Treaty of Belgrade
Battle of Grocka

Safavid Restoration
Battle of Damghan (1729)

Tragedy on the Moors
Battle of Culloden

Frederick II's First Victory
Battle of Chotusitz

To Admiral Vernon, the scourge of Spain
Battle of Cartagena de Indias
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