Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era (I)

Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era (I)
This first volume in the series, Dawn of an Era, covers warfare in the west from 1683-1719, which saw matchlock muskets and pikes give way to flintlocks and bayonets. Ranks became thinner and battles more linear as firepower and infantry discipline became the deciding factors. Double-sided terrain tiles and thirteen armies not only allow you to recreate the twenty historical engagements contained within the scenario book, but also any number of battles both real and imagined. This is the era of Marlborough and Eugene, of Catinat and Luxembourg, of William III and Charles XII, of Peter the Great and Rob Roy Macgregor: loyalists and rebels, Georgians and Jacobites, the Grand Alliance and the defiant Bourbons - they're all here:

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A Bourbon on the Spanish Throne
Battle of Villaviciosa

The French Cannae
Battle of the Boyne

Confusion on the Moors
Battle of Sheriffmuir

The Bloody Assizes
Battle of Sedgemoor

Charles XII Smashes the Russian Army
Battle of Narva (1700)

The Massed Bayonet Charge is Born
Battle of Marsaglia

Le Tapissier de Nôtre Dame
Battle of Landen

Double Ambush
Battle of La Prairie

Charles XII Invades Poland
Battle of Kliszow

Slaughter at Sundown
Battle of Killiecrankie

Rob Roy’s Last Battle
Battle of Glen Shiel

The Swedish Cannae
Battle of Fraustadt

Catinat’s Last Battle
Battle of Chiari

A Famous Victory
Battle of Blenheim

Bloody Hollow
Battle of Aughrim

Battle of the Exiles
Battle of Almansa
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