The Last Hundred Yards Mission Pack #1

The Last Hundred Yards Mission Pack #1

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Punching the Iron Fist
Following the launch of Operation Cobra on the 25th, the German FBE 4th Armored Division had driven about 20 miles south by the 30th exploiting a gap near Avranches. An advance element of the 4th Armored Division’s CCR was tasked with destroying the…

Hill 192 - Hedgerow Hell
After landing on June 7th at Omaha beach, the 2nd Division moved inland and was eventually tasked with cutting the St Lo-Bayeux highway in mid-June. This operation was a critical part of enabling the planned 3rd Army breakout south out of Normandy…

Hill 219
The town of Vire was a key objective for both sides. It is located on the northern border of a large area containing dense hedge rows and hills known as the “Suisse Normande”. Near the south end of this large area is the town of Mortain; the starting…

Blue Spaders Over the See
On the 31st, as part of Operation Cobra, the 1st Division had reached Brecey, about 10 miles east of Avranches. A few miles to the south is the river See which flows into the Atlantic just west of Avranches. The 1st Division’s 26th Inf Regl, the…

Heroes of Lanzerath
On the morning of 16 December, 3rd FJ Division began an attack through the Losheim Gap towards Lanzerath to secure the road north to Bullingen. This road w'ould provide the ISS Pz Division access to their assigned rollbahn in the Wacht am Rhein…

The “Tough Ombres” Open the Door
Operation Cobra, the code name for the 3rd Army’s Normandy Breakout campaign, started on July 25th and focused on driving through an area of about 20 miles wide between St Lo and the west coast of Normandy. Among the many infantry divisions involved,…

All for a Piece of Dirt
The moment Captain Richards entered the battalion command post, he knew Major Carnes was pissed. “Those krauts snuck an observation post on Hill 179 last night and hammered regiment’s supply column this morning. Colonel Ranking is on my ass and …

A Nasty Affair
Elements of Patton’s Third Army were driving North to widen the corridor to Bastogne. The 5th Infantry Division’s 2nd Infantry Regiment sector extended down the Scheidgen draw to the Müllerthal. To gain entrance to the Müllerthal was no simple …

Purple Heart Draw
The 2nd Division’s 23rd Inf. Regt. (Tomahawks) makes their third attack against the 3rd FJ Div. which was defending an area that controlled the St. Lo-Bayeux highway, a vital east-west communications route for the German 7th Army in Normandy. Two …

Tank Duel at St. Sever
Passing through Courson at about 9:30 am, the American column continued toward St. Sever-Calvados. The column consisted of elements of the 2nd Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, and 3rd Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col.…
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