The Last Hundred Yards Volume 3: The Solomon Islands

The Last Hundred Yards Volume 3: The Solomon Islands

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Northern Landing Force
Advance on Bairoko Harbor, New Georgia. On July 13th the Northern Landing Force lost its blocking position on the Bairoko-Munda Trail just south of Bairoko. On July 20th, Marine Commander Col. Liversedge, Naval Academy Olympian and two-time Navy…

Tanks on Mantanikau!
The morning peace was shattered by the rumble of tanks from the Japanese Independent Tank Company attacking down the coast toward the mouth of the Mantanikau River. Over the next 24 hours, the Japanese would fight fiercely to push the Marine…

The Raid
Elite Marine Raiders came ashore on Makin Island having debarked from two submarines for the purposes of taking Japanese prisoners, gathering intelligence, and destroying the enemy radar installation. This was also done to partially distract the…

Galloping Horse Ridge
The soldiers of the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division prepared for their third day of fighting on Galloping Horse Ridge where their objective was to take the final hill and thereby further the American advance to secure the island. Brought in to…

The Ambush
Japanese soldiers of the 6th Division have prepared for the last several weeks for an offensive against the American forces at Bougainville. Divided into three assault units, they advanced against the American positions. Fierce fighting defined these…

The Outpost
In the weeks following the vicious fighting during the Battle of the Tenaru, both sides stayed on constant alert as they attempted to build up their forces. Ultimately, the Japanese felt confident that soon they would be able to attempt another…

Edson’s Ridge
The Japanese of the 35th Infantry Brigade are bearing down on the American perimeter, which controls the ridge dominating Henderson Airfield, the spot the 2nd Marine Division HQ least expected. Controlling the ridge would enable the Japanese to take…

The Plantation
The US Army 34th Infantry Division advanced on the Lambeti Plantation in New Georgia with Marine tanks as it attempted to capture the Japanese Airbase at Munda Point. The fighting was intense and did not see the gains expected as …

Expanding the Perimeter
The 3rd Marine Division and the 37th Infantry Division conducted an amphibious assault on the island of Bougainville at the Cape of Torokina. Fierce jungle fighting defined this island battle as the Americans sought to expand their perimeter on the …

The Lost Patrol
1st Marine Division Intel Officer Frank Goettage asked for and received permission from MG Vandergrift to conduct a long-range patrol to locate Japanese remnants who he suspected to be on the verge of surrender. His patrol of 25 Marines would …
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