The Last Hundred Yards Volume 2: Airborne Over Europe

The Last Hundred Yards Volume 2: Airborne Over Europe

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One of the few units of the 82nd Airborne that didn’t scatter badly that morning was Col. Sink’s 505th PIR. They were tasked with taking the village of Ste. Mere-Eglise and its nearby vital crossroads to the west. But they …

Black Friday
Six days into Operation Market Garden and the situation was still chaotic for both Allied and German commands alike. Hell's Highway, a long narrow strip of road, was the only lifeline supplying the beleaguered American and British paratroopers.…

Bloody Gulch
This mission covers Easy Company’s (506th PIR) defense of the heights about one mile southwest of Carentan against a determined early-morning attack by elements of the 6th FJ and 17th SS Divisions. Flanked on the north and south by flooded …

After a badly scattered night drop northwest of its objective, Lt. Winters led a remnant of Easy Company (506th PIR) towards the village of Ste. Marie-du-Mont. When finally there, they were tasked with taking out a German 105 battery at …

All American
Lt. Colonel Maloney gathered his marsh-soaked stragglers from the hodgepodge of formations of the 82nd Airborne. The bridges over the Mederet River and the town of Chef-du-Pont were to be their primary objectives. They were mission-critical for the…

It’s Gonna be a Long Day
Captain Kappel’s Company H orders were clear and sobering. They were to parachute, in broad daylight, into enemy territory, assemble their scattered troops, capture the Grave bridges, and eliminate all enemy resistance in your area. “We felt the…

Devil’s Hill
Groesbeek Heights, Holland. By the second day of Market Garden, the German High Command was desperately calling for counterattacks by any forces available. Near the small town of Beek, scattered units from the 82nd Airborne had captured a wooded hill…

Counterattack at Beek
Three days into Operation Market Garden, and the 82nd Airborne Division is knee-deep in vicious fighting in and around the Dutch city of Nijmegen. While the 504th and 505th PIRs battle for control of the Waal road bridge, the 508th …

Another Bump in the Road
On the main road to Nijmegen, north of Veghel, near a small village the locals called Voederheil, Captain Speirs lowered his binoculars and swore to himself. The fleeting grey figures he had seen moving about in the buildings ahead could …

Bridge 10
The 82nd Airborne had indeed achieved a major surprise on that bright September Sunday afternoon in 1944. Shortly after the paratroops had landed, a swift aggressive assault scattered the unprepared German defenders at the Grave crossing. With this…
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